1. Ragutis says

    All the fly bee ladies are making a fuss
    But I can’t pay attention – ’cause I’m on that dust

  2. Anj says

    Leaf cutter bee?

    They occasionally make novice gardeners panic: “Something is eating my plant!”. Naw, they aren’t “eating” it, they are cutting little scallops off to create cozy nests for their offspring.

  3. Nerdette says

    This is just entomological bukkake when you think about it.

    I didn’t have to think about it. My hypothalamus reacted for me. But, then again, I am an entomologist….

  4. Phoenician in a time of Romans says

    Christ – stick a NSFW tag on anything showing blatant sexual activity, would ya?

  5. Chuck Goecke says

    One of PZ’s fellow UMM biology emeritus faculty, Dr. Ellen Ordway, worked on the Halictid sweat bees. Back in the late ’70’s, for several summers, I worked for her as an undergraduate RA, on a prairie research project. I understand that Ellen still(as of summer 2010) is living in west Morris and is active in the UMM retired faculty association.