Steamroller. We are unstoppable.

I told you that freethoughtblogs had Maryam Namazie. But did you know we also got The Black Skeptics? And that John Loftus and Richard Carrier have signed on (blogs to appear soon)?

Every atheist in the world is going to start their day right here, aren’t they?


  1. Sean Boyd says

    What do you mean, start the day? I haven’t slept since you started freethoughtblogs!

  2. says

    Ooh, Maryam Namazie & Black Skeptics have finally showed up in the sidebar. And the main FtB page. Excellent!

    I do think the FtB page could do with some work. New blogs go to the bottom; increasingly you have to scroll down to see them, so they are less prominent than the early arrivals. The old Sb page of new posts – last 24 hours – was really good that way: no priorities by who signed on first, just whatever’s been posted most recently, and you could be quite surprised and discover new and interesting things.

  3. NoAstronomer says

    “Every atheist in the world is going to start their day right here, aren’t they?”

    What, there are some who don’t already?!?

  4. Sili says

    Yes, but I think Ed Brayton was trying to keep those names secret for the moment. PZ’s so naughty!

    Not as naughty as the sexy Ophelia. I read about Carrier there ours ago.

  5. says

    The front page will be totally redesigned soon. As for PZ letting the cats out of the bag, we shall administer the usual punishment — two hours of watching the 700 Club.

  6. CJO says

    Richard Carrier!

    Yeah, that’s cool and all, particularly so from my perspective, as my interests and his overlap to a large extent. But I sure hope he takes the platform as an invitation to post more often than he does currently.

  7. changeable moniker says

    I start my day with coffee. Nothing–even FTB–makes sense until there is coffee.

  8. Ragutis says

    we shall administer the usual punishment — two hours of watching the 700 Club.

    Feeding PZ blogging/rant material is punishment? Hey! That lion’s been naughty! Give him a steak!

    Anyways, welcome to the new additions!

  9. Hazuki says

    Yes! Yes! This is perfect for Carrier and I’m sure Loftus will be glad to get rid of whatever old thing he was using for DC.

    One small warning though: Loftus in particular attracted a lot of Calvinist creobots. The really creepy kind who “feel” dead inside and like they’re missing a heart. Think David Marshall but less animated and more sociopathic. Or, if you hang out in apologetics chat rooms (why?!), Zilche. Basically a small army of Piltdown men *rolls eyes*

  10. peterh says

    These blogs are the last of my “regular” sites each day – because these are sites which cause me to think. Not that I’m always that good at it, but I keep trying. And I often come back 2-3 times later in the day as time permits. I can find refreshing viewpoints, errors in my own thinking (gasp!), and often well-phrased comments that help me in countering some of the stupidity posted by the reality-challenged.

  11. Hazuki says


    Hell yes. I’ve wanted to read his book for a while (was scared off by a few low-star reviews on Amazon though). The two of them together may be the ones to offer the definitive pathway away from the Abrahamic religions for the modern age.

  12. otrame says


    I don’t know, Ed. Switching so often between rage and hilarity might cause PZ to sprain something. Are you sure the punishment fits the crime?

  13. says

    Sean Boyd #2:

    I haven’t slept since you started freethoughtblogs!

    Nor have I. I’m living on coffee and chocolate (for the caffeine).

  14. Cirque du Jercque says

    Now when someone disagrees with us, we can dismiss them as misogynistic AND racist! We love being a freethinker!

  15. Great American Satan says

    I don’t bookmark much in this world, but I’m on this one.

  16. articulett says


    Hector Avalos is also part of Debunking Christianity (John Loftus’s blog), so I’m sure we’ll see him here.

    @31 Kel — ha! *giggling wildly*

  17. rhymeswithlibrarian says

    Nice to see the new additions. But as long as we’re talking about the FTB stable… does anybody know how Comrade Physioproffe came to be part of it? It appears to be a blog about poor spelling.

  18. says


    Could it possibly be a bad thing that we are rounding up many of our vocal bloggers in one area. I know that it is great for us, and those trying to find a solid resource. But, doesn’t it feel like we’re closing ourselves off from the community at large? This site can easily be filtered (through technology and theological ‘back buttons’).

    Don’t get me wrong, I love FtB. But I also know how to use a book mark. I don’t really see us getting *that* much attention and causing too much of a stir if we’re locked in our own part of the tubes.

    But maybe that’s not our goal.