They must like me in Ohio

I seem to be flying there a lot in coming weeks. I’m going to be at The 2011 Humanism Award Banquet, honoring Page Stephens for his work in skepticism, on 30 September (Friday! Soon!).

Then I’m flying down again on 15-16 October for the Free Inquiry Group 20th Anniversary Celebration in Cincinnati — although it looks like the actual event will be in Kentucky.

I don’t know what I’m going to say at either of these events yet. I better think of something quick.


  1. says

    Sun comes up, sun goes down, and you still can’t explain it, Dave Silverman (of 20th Anniversary Celebration).

    Oh sure, that earth rotation nonsense sounds good, but really, why does the sun go up and go down? Aliens?

    Glen Davidson

  2. niftyatheist says

    Oh wow, I will be driving right past there on my way home to Illinois on October 16…wish I could drop in!
    Mind you, after reading the post below, even WITH a cup of hot piping comfort coffee (with an extra shot of hazelnut for sustenance and strength), I am so depressed, I might just skip the whole trip! (lol just kidding – not a chance!)
    PZ, your travel schedule is punishing…but keep it up! :D And thank you!

  3. says

    Heck yeah we like you in Ohio!

    I’ve been in Cleveland for some time, and I never knew about the CFI here. Dang, this is the last day to register, better get on that.

  4. ChasCPeterson says

    They must like me in Ohio

    well they apparently love Jerry Lewis in France, so there’s precedent

  5. Mattir says

    Enjoy Ohio, but remember, you could be enjoying sheepy wonderfulness and World War I era aircraft with the Rhinebeckers…

    (How exactly do you put up with all the travel you do?)

  6. ManOutOfTime says

    Something pithy in Norwegian, just to remind everyone who won the WORLD SERIES of humanism.

  7. DonDueed says

    Round on the ends and high in the middle.

    Say, are the bridges still functional? You may want to rethink trying to get across into KY.

  8. Epikt says

    Given that the 9/30 venue is right on my way home from work, I guess I have to be there. Any plans for a post-talk meetup/shameless drunken irresponsibility?

  9. F says

    Aww. Makes me wish I were more social, or had money, or a car, or something.

    Have a good time in Ohio. Maybe it will be slightly less dreary when you’re here.

  10. matt says

    if it gets realing boring we’ll take you and the others to the bar we meet in thats actually in Cincinnati and we’ll have a lot of beer!

  11. Gus Snarp says

    I would advise you not to expect too much from the “chili” in Cincinnati. You may as well try it if you haven’t, just so you can say you have and make your own decision, but it is not actually chili, and it is not good. It may fill some people’s need for greasy, unhealthy comfort food, but it is definitely not good. And really, it’s not worth expending your cholesterol allowance on. If you can spare the cholesterol, you’re far better off having Graeter’s ice cream, Cincinnati’s single greatest contribution to global cuisine.

    Beer, on the other hand, is a good idea. Where is this bar, Matt?

  12. matt says

    graeters is higher in calories lol btw the bar is in downtown Cinci

    check the cincinnati atheists page for the bars we meet at

  13. says

    I will be there Friday as a member of CFINO, The Cleveland Skeptics and The Cleveland Freethinkers. I look forward to it, PZ. I also hope to meet new people in the area there. I see there are already two people above who will be there. I’m sure I’ll bump into you!

  14. Corkscrew says

    Hey, in case the Atheist Hordes hadn’t come across this one yet:

    A senior Roman Catholic leader has hit out at Italy’s political class, saying the country needs to “purify the air” of sex and corruption scandals.


    My irony meter exploded on about the second paragraph.

    Other gems:

    It was enmeshed in scandal and preoccupied with self-preservation, while the rest of the country suffered from a deep economic crisis, he said.

    Politicians had a responsibility to live a moral life and set a good example because their behaviour had “undeniable effects on culture and education” and influenced the young and impressionable, the cardinal added.

    No kidding.

  15. Sili says

    well they apparently love Jerry Lewis in France, so there’s precedent

    They have nuclear power in Ohio?

  16. says

    Cincinnati chili is wonderful. But it’s something of an acquired taste, and while some visitors love it immediately, others… don’t. Bette Midler called it “Satan’s Baby Food,” and Dick Cheney gracefully refused to actually eat his.

    Graeter’s ice cream is definitely a must-eat while you’re in Cincinnati. If it isn’t the best ice cream in the world… I’d really like to try the ice cream that’s better.

    Greater Cincinnati sort of spreads out into Kentucky.