I can tell that most people still have no access to Freethoughtblogs because of this DNS snafu, so I think I’ll go back to bed for a bit, and then putter off somewhere and tinker on other projects. Yell when you can see this.


  1. Stefan says

    Last night I just kept refreshing until the browser connected to the right servers… Seems OK today.

  2. says

    Followed a numerical link from the NatGeo pharyngula site and bookmarked it. Seems to be working for now, Russell’s Teapot be praised!

  3. says

    Freethoughts is accessible to me again this morning. This must have happened within the last six hours or so (while I was sleeping the sleep of the innocent).

    Oh, that’s right. You wanted us to yell:

    Hey, PZ! It’s back!

  4. Snoof says

    Works for me. I haven’t actually noticed an outage. Although I’m mostly connecting in Australia hours (UTC+10).

  5. speedwell says

    Looks good now, PZ, thank you. I can see this and post from work, too. Thanks for that as well.

  6. ospalh says

    Works for me.
    Maybe because i’m in Germany. Who knows.
    The “whois” command mentions fastdomain and bluehost.
    Name servers used:


  7. speedwell says

    I can see this fine while logged in through the work server, PZ; thanks for that.

  8. speedwell says

    Hmm. Can’t seem to post though, unless this and the two messages before it are held up in moderation.

  9. 'smee says

    *waves madly*

    Helloooo! Anybody there!

    I needs me my fix of PZ…. I needs to pharyngulate regular, like!

  10. lordshipmayhem says

    (Yells out) “Captain CAAAVVVEEEMMMAAANNN!!!”

    I’ve had no problems at all accessing this site since late last night.

  11. ekwhite says

    I can see it here in California. My results using Whois are the same as Ospalh’s

  12. Matt Penfold says

    If I use my ISPs DNS addresses I am unable to see this site. If I use the OpenDNS addresses, ( and I can.

  13. jeff says

    I couldn’t get here on my phone, but I can on my home PC.

    Also, I echo your sentiments on the layout of FTB. Its very “grandmom’s got her own blog!” Though, it isn’t terrible, it would be a turn-off if I didn’t already know the content was going to be worth a look.

  14. Alex says

    I have never had a problem with freethoughtblogs yet (New Zealand, Firefox, Archlinux).

    This may be because of the time difference, as someone already suggested, but on the other hand it’s 12.34 a.m. local, so maybe not.

  15. Neal says


    No problem accessing this morning, needed no technical wizardry or OpenDNS or such nonsense.

  16. moggie says

    It’ll work for me without a hosts entry in 71208 seconds:

    freethoughtblogs.com. 71208 IN NS ns1.bluehost.com.
    freethoughtblogs.com. 71208 IN NS ns2.bluehost.com.

    or sooner if I flush my local nameserver’s cache.

  17. Adam says

    In a related complaint… why is FTB the only site online that will not update when I return to a page? The posts don’t change without a hard F5 refresh. I realize the page is being cached, but shouldn’t firefox notice the page content has changed?

  18. bybelknap says

    Ooops. Spoke too soon. Flushed the resolver cache and it went back to the bluething thing. I’ll stick with the host file entry for now.

  19. Tigger_the_Wing says

    I’ve had no problem accessing this site at all, not once (yet…)

    In Australia, using Safari on a MacBook.

  20. says

    The entries have been available all along through Google RSS, but the actual site and images hosted there haven’t been accessible. From where I am in Canada that only lasted for about a day, though.

  21. opposablethumbs, que le pouce enragé mette les pouces says

    ::waves:: UK, Firefox, waiting happily for eventual css changes and other tweaks (with some display issues already resolved thanks to the loveliness of people like owlmirror and caine et several alii, to whom much thanks)

  22. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    I can tell that most people still have no access to Freethoughtblogs because of this DNS snafu,

    See, I said the problem wasn’t fixed. Part of the problem was fixed but if lots of folks have trouble getting here then the problem is not fixed.

  23. Neil Rickert says

    I’m accessing without problems, due to a hosts file entry.

    Last night, I checked my ISP’s dns servers. They were giving the wrong answers, and the wrong NS records they were using had a TTL of around 100,000 (a bit more than a day)

    I checked again this morning. My ISP’s dns servers appear to all be giving the correct answers.

    Note: ISP is AT&T; the particular servers that I see are regional, so not all AT&T customers will see the same servers. All customers may use the same DNS server IPs, but those IPs are for load balancing contraptions.

  24. Jayaram says

    I seem to need a Ctrl+F5 to get the latest contents though – otherwise, I’m not getting the latest content from the web servers. Guessing these pages need a content expiry flag set to prevent the browser from caching it.

  25. chigau says

    I tinkered with the address box.
    I don’t know that that is what got me here.
    all my bookmarks from yesterday work after I’m here.

  26. Matt Penfold says

    It seems as though the new IP address has not being fully propagated to the DNS servers yet. Some ISPs are known for only updating their DNS servers once or twice a day.

  27. embertine says

    This Euro is having no problems at all logging in or viewing. I was particularly pleased to be greeted with an image of the elusive crocoduck upon my arrival as well.

  28. Randomfactor says

    Gooooooooooooaaaaalllll! (From home, anyway.) But I still can’t post here.

  29. Nerd of Redhead says

    Had no problem about 6 am central using Comcast at home. At work, unable to link until a couple of minutes ago.

  30. Erulóra (formerly KOPD) says

    I can see the page from home, but I had to do a workaround to get it at work.

    Also, after this is resolved, there’s possibly another technical issue to look at. The comment system is not forcing logins. All somebody needs to do to impersonate me is put in my username and the email address associated with my WP account, and it will look like a post from me.

  31. Matt Penfold says

    Also, after this is resolved, there’s possibly another technical issue to look at. The comment system is not forcing logins. All somebody needs to do to impersonate me is put in my username and the email address associated with my WP account, and it will look like a post from me.

    PZ has already said that it will be required to login before being able to comment, but that he has not implemented that policy yet as he wants to get other stuff working properly first.

  32. co says

    Looks good… ish, PZ. I have a strange issue, though, in that if I click on the banner (currently the crocoduck) to get taken to the main pharyngula site on FTB, I get taken to the main site, only the postings start with the “How am I going to fit an MRI in the bedroom?” post. Perhaps it’s a cache thing.

  33. Jim Mauch says

    The original links were n/g but I connected through the link you last posted on your old site.

  34. Wrysmile says

    I can see it, but not on my phone. More importantly at last I can comment. Yeah

  35. BillF says

    The new site is working for me this morning. However, I follow Pharyngula through Google Reader and I did have to unsubscribe from the old address and resubscribe using the new address. Once I did that, things seem back to normal.

  36. DaveP says

    Yeah! It’s finally back for me. One of my favorite links to sanity in the raving lunacy of ultra conservative, bible thumping west Texas.

  37. early_cuyler says

    Visible in Louisiana–we’ll see after the creotard sysadmins get out of morning church if it stays up.

  38. Erulóra (formerly KOPD) says

    Speaking of [sigh] – Goldline ad with Glen Beck’s mug on it? Yeesh.

  39. llewelly says

    arg. ns1.codero.com and ns2.codero.com still have the wrong fucking dns records.
    They still point to bluehost.

  40. khan says

    The Chimp’s Raging Id
    Just managed to get into after running ipconfig /flushdns

    I was going to recommend this.

  41. Tethys says

    Works now!! I had to delete the bookmark and the tab first to stop the browser from going to bluehost.

  42. RemembersABeach says

    I don’t understand any of the technical stuff (css, DNS, IP) but I can see you!

  43. onion girl says

    AHA!! I can see you now. *clings* I’ve been missing my Pharyngula fix.

    It’s always frustrating to start something new that doesn’t work quite right at first.

    But Pharyngula is hands-down worth it. :)

  44. FlyingToaster says

    Never missed it (I wasn’t online during the DNS switchover-gone-fubar), and it came up fine last night when I did get back to the computer.

    And WarriorGirl thinks the CrocoDuck is AWESOME.

  45. Ultimate Spork says


    (Catches breath)


    Is that enough yelling? Getting a bit hoarse over here…

  46. Patricia, OM says

    12:08 pm Oregon time, I finally could find the site again. Can’t get here from Firefox, it’s glued to Blue host something.

  47. unbound says

    It came up via normal DNS for me at this time (3:55 pm EDT). Pretty sure I tried with no success about 3 hours ago.

  48. triskelethecat says

    I can see this from home but now both Sciblogs AND FTB is blocked at work so I can only respond when home.

    However, I do have to thank Richard Austin for helping me get the IP address inserted so I can read this (therefore I don’t know if the DNS is fixed or not)

  49. triskelethecat says

    And obviously stress and getting home from work messes up my grammar.

    Ahem. …both Sciblogs AND FTB are blocked at work…

  50. Mig says

    I can see the site, although I could not, in multiple attempts, earlier today. I considered editing my host file, but decided to wait things out.

  51. themadkansan says

    I switched my gateway’s DNS forwarder over to use OpenDNS’s servers, and the problem goes away.

    …Did I mention that I hate my local cable comapny and their crappy internet service?

  52. Philip Legge says

    I’ve been obliged to use an addition to the Mac OS X hosts file since the move, and from my Internet connection here in Melbourne, AU, the DNS was still pointing to Bluehost as of 2:40 UTC on Wednesday, so the propogation of the new address is still trudging along slowly.

    A hosts file is a configuration file which tells a computer the specific numerical IP addresses for other computers and their associated domain name. Normally DNS resolution from outside just works, so that the local hosts file residing on your computer only refers to “localhost” – which is your own computer, and which always has an IPv4 address of (and a couple of IPv6 addresses such as ::1). The problem is, external DNS is b0rked and so it’s useful to add a hack to tell the computer to use a specific rule associating FTB to a particular IP address, rather than relying on normal external resolution.

    On Macs, it takes a few seconds to add the hack: use the Terminal application in the Utilities folder (Command+Shift+U), type sudo pico /private/etc/hosts (or substitute your favourite Unix editor – no vi versus emacs wars please!), hit return and add the following line at the end of the file: freethoughtblogs.com

    Then save the file and do a hard reload in your web browser.

    (I know the instructions are superfluous here at FTB, but similar posts have been made over at Sb.)

  53. says

    I can see everything okay, but the load times are so long, it’s hardly worth it. Every time TET reaches 400 comments, the thread is damn near impossible to load and gravatar hangs for close to forever.

  54. Patrick says

    In the UK, still kept getting the wrong holding page on a bookmark/favourite til just now for last few days but I then went back to PZ’s old site, followed the link to freethoughtblogs homepage then clicked through to PZ’s new homepage OK.

    So try refreshing your browser bookmark/fav by relinking via the old site or FTB’s new site if that loads for you.

  55. Philip Legge says

    No longer redirecting to Bluehost as of ~ 1200 UTC… and commenting seems to have picked up. No surprises there.

  56. procrastinator will get an avatar real soon now says

    The small banners are missing from all but Pharyngula.
    The pop-under ads are driving me nuts.
    The posts seem out of date and incomplete. Maybe just me.