The loyal shield bearer

Is anyone surprised that Bill O’Reilly slavishly defends Rupert Murdoch? Of course not — I’m pretty sure his employers have tattooed the word “tool” somewhere on his anatomy. You might be surprised at the stupidity of his rationale…wait, no, you won’t be. Nothing the “tide goes in, tide goes out” man says could be unexpectedly inane.

I give up. There’s nothing surprising here. Bill O’Reilly brings in a stooge from the right-wing Heritage Foundation, and they sit around whining about the fact that the NY Times has been reporting on the NewsCorp scandals…because it’s a British affair. Who cares what goes on in other countries? So what if NewsCorp is based in America, it’s just a bunch of foreigners. Why does the NY Times go on and on about irrelevant stuff going on outside our borders?

OK, since it’s an entirely foreign affair, let’s kick Rupert Murdoch out of the country and seize all of his holdings and put them in American hands.