Yeah, that’s me. Ken Ham has noticed a certain article I wrote, and describes it for his blinkered followers.

Apparently, in this instance with Emma, a well known atheist wrote (very typical for him) an anti-Christian blog attacking me/AiG. Apparently some of his followers decided to send this on etc. I don’t read these vile blogs, but it is typical of these extremely intolerant people who in the anger, shake their fist at God.

I am amused at the characterization of the article in question. Emma’s mother is quite irate, too:

I had to tell you that my friend wrote on Ken’s Facebook page that she knows Emma and some guy… sent my friend a PRIVATE message blasting Ken and Emma (how sweet). I didn’t see the message because I didn’t want to…

Well, Emma’s mother is willfully blind, while Ken Ham knows full well what was written, and has chosen both to lie about it and to run away from providing a link to it. Now his followers are claiming that atheists are making “cowardly attacks”, that we “must be really scared of all the Emmas in the world to attack a 9 yr old like that”, and that atheists are “cowards at heart.” — but we know who the real coward is here, and it is the dishonest fool who is afraid to expose his lies by linking to me.

Liars for Jesus who have to cower and hide before the truth…it is so typical.

I was sent the perfect illustration for this post:



  1. https://me.yahoo.com/a/xnK7TG0Lo5mL8GKo5hytRqwpHvFihEl7Eat3.EjEEeCYqC8fHRcH#05c76 says

    If you really want that particular clip’s location, I’d guess Michigan would be the best candidate.


    Irony here.

    We also have Paradise and Christmas.

    Relevant to another thread, we also have a helluva lot of BIF.

    Lithified Detritus