CONvergence and SkepChickCon

I’m giving you advanced warning: the awesome science fiction convention, CONvergence, will be taking place in Bloomington, Minnesota on 30 June-3 July. You should go. Really. It will be fun, and I’m always telling atheist activists to go to a few science fiction conventions — they have mastered the art of being inclusive, interesting, diverse, and interactive. Even if you aren’t an SF fan, go to one and study the mechanics, they work.

CONvergence has another distinction, in that the Skepchicks have attached themselves leechlike to the larger con to run a skeptics’ track. So yes, you should go for the fun parties attended by strange people in exotic costumes and the panel discussions on how to survive Zombie Armageddon, but you can also sit in on entertaining and educational sessions on critical thinking and science.

Go forth and register now.