Events for this Thursday

Aaargh! Dueling events on Thursday night!

Oh, well, they’re easy to resolve spatially. If you’re somewhere near Minneapolis, you should attend JT Eberhard’s talk in Smith Hall at 7. He’s going to be talking about “Campus Preachers: An Excuse to Build Forts and Other Shenanigans”, so I’m sure there’ll be tips on what to do when Brother Jed comes to town.

I can’t go! I’m going to be in the Twin Cities on Thursday night, down near the airport, because I’m flying out to speak at Elmhurst College on Friday. But I’ve got another commitment for this Thursday night. I’m appearing on Virtually Speaking with Jay Ackroyd, a kind of talk show that takes place in Second Life. I’ll be tottering about with a poorly controlled avatar, and you can join in by creating your own avatar, or you can just listen in as if it were a live podcast.

So you can listen to me if you’re anywhere in the world, but you’ll need to physically come to Minneapolis to see JT.