Somehow, I don’t think they’ll actual commit to this idea

The theologian John MacArthur has a new book titled Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ. His premise is that this is what being a Christian is all about: it’s about being a slave to your lord.

“Slave” is the word that almost every English translation of Scripture has avoided using, in favor of the term “servant.” But MacArthur insists that the image of a slave is absolutely critical for understanding what it means to follow Jesus.

I think he’s on to something, actually. Those creepy stories by Horvath are all about being servile and sucking up to Jesus, after all.

Let’s make a deal. Christians get to bow and scrape and do the menial work (since Christian education involves so much corruption of science, that’s all they can do competently anyway), while we atheists get to revel in pride and arrogance and good education. We’ll be in charge, they can be our servants. It’ll be good practice for heaven, don’t you think?