Why do you think I call it a death cult?

Ray Comfort is great at demeaning the whole of Christianity by doing all the stuff you imagine that not even a Christian would stoop to doing. His latest: targeting the elderly with cards to remind them of their mortality and imminent need of salvation.

The card, published by livingwatersnewzealand.com, was addressed to her by name and asked her to fill in the date and time of her death.

“Please don’t forget to call me on the date you’re going to die, then we can discuss your eternity,” it says. However, the cards do not have a contact name or phone number printed on them.

“Hey, lady, you’re old and are going to die soon. Come to church now! Put us in your will!”

Living Waters is also the organization that sponsors these morbid booths at our county fair where kids are asked to take a test to determine whether they’re going to heaven or hell. The answer is always hell…so they’d better follow Living Waters orders!

Whenever I hear apologists tell me that religion brings solace to the sick and old and despairing, I always think of Living Waters and their mission of making sure everyone is dreading their demise.