An Australian travel writer catalogs a few of the world’s most craptastical tourist attractions, and one of them, naturally, is Ken Ham’s Creation “Museum”.

Here, true believers can learn about how the Earth was formed by the big man upstairs, who manages to explain away such potential roadblocks as dinosaurs, billion-year-old fossils, and that whole science thing with room after room of ultra-religious tackiness.

Notice, though, that here is an Australian travel writer commenting on American kitsch, and failing to mention that it is the brainchild of one of his compatriots. It made me wonder, though, about his other examples, like the toilet museum in New Delhi, and the sightseeing tunnel in Shanghai, and I thought, maybe, those are all also the product of Australian expatriates. And then I imagined hordes of fast-talking migrant Australians with corks dangling from their hats bamboozling foreigners into building monuments to absurdity just to keep the travel writers back home employed with stories about the crap built abroad.

Tell me it’s not true. I might have nightmares about itinerant Aussies.