1. Brownian, OM says

    What this video needs is a believer explaining each question immediately after.

    “You see, what God really meant when he said that was…”

  2. Jaycubed says

    You can’t even get from page 1 to page 2 without a gross contradiction; whether yahweh created the other animals first and then man (Gen 1: 20-27) or whether yahweh created man first and then the other animals (Gen 2: 7, 19-20).

  3. Fortknox says

    Amazingly comprehensive deconstruction of bible nonsense.

    I hope this video goes viral, but too bad it is titled that way, nobody is gonna do a search under that title which doesn’t properly relay the content of the video.

  4. Ben Goren says

    A great one to use on door-to-door Jesus salesmen is, “Who was Joseph’s father?”

    Of course, the standard apologetic apology is that the one genealogy traces Joseph’s lineage while the other traces Mary’s. And, if you challenge a True Believer™ with the fact that there are two genealogies, that’s exactly the vague sort of argument you’ll get hopelessly drawn into.

    But there’s no getting over the fact that Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus in Matthew 1:16, while Luke 3:23 makes clear that Jesus is the (supposed) son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli.

    So did Joseph have two daddies? Or maybe Jesus himself had two daddies, both named Joseph.

    Or — I know! Maybe it’s all bullshit!

    Sure gets me how anybody can think Jesus was an historical figure when nobody has a fucking clue about any of even the most basic biographical details that everybody should have known about.


    EAC Memographer
    BAAWA Knight of Blasphemy
    “All but God can prove this sentence true.”

  5. abb3w says

    So, since I’m not quite slacker enough to watch YouTube videos at work, how does it handle Isaiah 40:28 versus Isaiah 43:24?

  6. Glen Davidson says

    That’s fine for literalists/inerrantists, of course. It’s not hard to find a fallback position from there where it’s all true, just a few errors crept in. Or even, the errors weren’t in the original, only in later copies (I don’t see how that helps us, of course).

    The bigger problem is that the whole theme of the Bible changes from god as an oriental despot to some weird combination of Greek idealism plus the old “only blood removes sin,” so Jesus dies, etc. It isn’t coherent in itself, nor coherent within the world we live.

    So I wouldn’t get too hung up on the errors that can be easily enough dismissed.

    Glen D

  7. Ben Goren says

    Ah, Holytape, but that’s the beauty of identifying such stark black-and-white contradictions.

    Don’t you see? Ray Comfort’s just gone and shot himself in the foot, for he’s saying that both Matthew and Luke are liars and deceivers. So if even Ray Comfort is proclaiming the Bible is bullshit, why should anybody pretend to give it a second thought?

    Pick something even a young child can see is an obvious contradiction. Let the apologists apologize. Agree with them that they must be right and the Bible must be worng, so why are they holding up the Bible, again…?

    Lather, rinse, repeat.



  8. somewhereingreece says

    This is one of the most beautifully executed deconstructions I have ever seen.

    It goes to show that those who claim to live by the Bible haven’t actually read it.

  9. kilternkafuffle says

    NonStampCollector is quite the Biblical scholar! That’s an amazingly thorough destruction!

    We should smuggle his videos into seminaries and see what happens.

  10. Jaycubed says

    @Jaycubed #3 which yaweh are you referring to?
    Posted by: broboxley OT

    Yaweh #475221830573

  11. Ian says

    #9/abb3w: Video does indeed handle that. Game show host asks Ken, one of the contestants, if he’s doing okay. Ken replies that he’s tireless and cannot be wearied, just like God. Host asks if Ken would like to take a break, and Ken agrees, because it’s exactly what would do.

    All contradictions are sourced on-screen.

  12. Epictetus says

    Hey, wait a minute, I have a book here by someone called Norman Geisler who assures us that god’s word is perfect. He has a ready answer for every “seeming” contradiction found throughout the Bible… I can’t help thinking that maybe if the Lord had been more careful in writing his word, apologists like Geisler, William Lane Craig, etc. wouldn’t be necessary (they’d be out of a job). But as the Lord, whose ways are indeed mysterious, has seen fit to write a book that is, among other things, full of contradictions, apologists are an absolute necessity…So an infallible and omniscient god evidently needs the help of fallible apologists… Interesting.

  13. Kobra says

    The Bible: Explaining historical events using superposition since time immemorial.

  14. Gregory Greenwood says

    The theists who go on and on about the ‘inerrant word of god’ never seem to take the time to read their supposedly holy book and take note of the legion of inconsistencies therein, each of which is great enough for you to fly several 747s through simultaneously.

    To any thinking person the bibble, and indeed all ‘holy’ books, are manifestly poorly written anthologies of barbarous mythology and superstition that really have no place in the modern world except as a regfuge for the terminally deluded.

    Yet religious groups are still afforded such power and the criticism of religious discrepency and outright evil is still such a social taboo in so many cultures. As the Americans might say, go figure.

  15. Pierce R. Butler says

    Joey Mack @ # 5: … giant Sam Harris poster Contradictions in the Bible

    The Project Reason site seems to be functional, but the “Download” buttons give only “no such page” error messages. Use the “Print” button for a workaround (.pdf downloaded by Firefox without further ado, in my experience).

    Poster details 439 biblical discrepancies (though a couple may have been refuted by commenters), with an eye-catching, logical but printer-challenging graphic design.

  16. Shplane says

    Huh. Friend of mine linked me to this on Facebook. I didn’t realize it was big enough for PZ to notice it as well.