1. Kobra says

    I wonder where “prismatic engagement ring for a gay couple” lies on the irony scale. I also wonder if it would be more ironic if the couple in question were Christian or atheist.

    Oh, and that’d be a great shirt, too.

  2. Sven DiMilo says

    But Noah did not fear, for he kneweth that the Lord did haveth his back. Verily, he did strideth from his cabin to the bow of the ark, and shaking his staff disapprovingly did spaketh, “Begone, Giant Squid. This ark is not a giant crustacean with which to filleth thine belly. Go forth, and I shall not have to harm you, as all of the Lord’s creatures are mine buddies.”
    But the Giant Squid listened not. And the platypuses did hisseth, and the hippopotamuses did belloweth, and the cats did “lol”eth.

  3. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Oh, that would explain why the dinosaurs went extinct, if they were topdeck.

  4. kerry says

    I was thinking it would be a much better pic with dinosaurs in the grasp of the tentacles.

  5. eshtomail says

    “They should have had the squid grabbing a unicorn. That would be funny.”

    Unicorns aren’t real.

  6. abb3w says

    “That llama should be a unicorn” was my first thought; my second, “or a velociraptor”.

  7. ambook says

    After 36 hours with the Boy Scouts of America, I NEED Sunday Sacrilege. Giant mollusk attacks just aren’t enough to deal with the aggravation…

  8. says

    LOL Feynmaniac at 14!!!

    Need advice and help. Right after National Day of Prayer Proclamation is declared unconstitutional by a judge, my local mayor declares a week of prayer. One session is at Sheriff’s department. Another is at County Dept of Education. Another is at the local newspaper conference room…… I’m surrounded. HELP!!!

  9. martha says

    #22, I commented on the newspaper article you linked to above. Your newspaper sure wants a lot of information to register, but at least you can make up nonsense and still register.

  10. Westcoaster says


    “They should have had the squid grabbing a unicorn. That would be funny.”

    Unicorns aren’t real.

    I know, that’s why it would be funny.

  11. Janet Holmes says

    A whole WEEK of prayer? How does that go down? Does the whole town spend the entire week on its knees in church? Do they declare a week of holidays?

    What do they pray for? The Chinese economy not to grow larger than the US in the next decade or so? Peace in Iraq? More prayer weeks?

    I think I’d go visit relatives out of town.