New addition to the empire

Another mobile element has been slotted into the SciBorg matrix: everyone say hello to The Thoughtful Animal, a blog on animal cognition. So far, Needs More Squid, but it could be interesting.


  1. Brownian, OM says

    Ha-ha-hoo-hoo! He thinks…ha-ha!…he thinks…ha-ha, I’m gonna piss myself…he thinks he’ll get “better technical support” here, ha-ha!

  2. Caine, Fleur du mal says

    Looks like it will be interesting reading. I have gone and welcomed.

  3. pnrjulius says

    I think we can expect to see at least occasional cephalopods, though there may be more primates.

  4. aratina cage says

    Jason Goldman (The Thoughtful Animal) has already won me over. He’ll make a good replacement for Ed (It’s Not Exactly Rocket Science) who recently went over to the Dark Side.

  5. Jason G. Goldman says

    Brownian: *any* support is better than the non-support i had on my own over in my little wordpress universe. so far, i have nothing but good things to say.

    PZ: I shall attempt to include some more cephalopods, just for you. Just wait for the harpy eagles to show up, though. They’re nasty sonsabitches.

  6. Bladesman says

    Do we need to know what the thoughts of cephalopods are? “Take…over…world…destroy…all…vertebrates…except…Overlord PZ…” :)