1. daijiyobu says

    Reminds me of the giant squid in Watchmen.

    [not to open that whole can of worms].


  2. Givesgoodemail says

    Goes to show what kind of day I’m having, but all I think about when I see that picture is that gratuitous sex scene in Moby-Dick (unfortunately lost on the editor’s floor).

    During a bull session aboard the Pequod, Ishmael was relating a story about the last prostitute he’d favored, and when he was getting to the good part, Elijah bellows,

    “What about her flukes, man, what about her flukes!?”

  3. NeilB48239 says

    Classic Squid, in purple? Puleeze! She’s obviously a stylish squid in lavender, most likely on her way to a some sort of pelagic ACT UP meeting.