Late night squid

I’m going to dope myself up and flop into bed so I can get over this slimy cold — and speaking of slimy cold, here are some deep sea creatures to tide you over for a bit.


  1. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    No wonder the cephalopods are PZ’s favorites. Amazing watching them become part of their surroundings.

  2. Islander says

    I’ve been doing it all wrong… all the females at the beach catch a glimpse of my ghostly white skin.

  3. Davidpj says

    Brilliant. I’ve seen that last clip before, but not in reverse! I can’t wait to follow advances in deep-see exploration; those creatures make Windows Media Player’s visualisations look positively pedestrian.

  4. Davidpj says

    … and the obligatory acknowledgement that my last comment contains an embarrassing spelling error which I noticed just after hitting submit and helplessly stared at for 20 seconds while the comment slowly went through.

  5. leepicton says

    If you have serious coughing, Theraflu is great stuff. One dose lasts about four hours, and then the coughing will wake you up again, but just take some more. Seriously good stuff.

  6. ambulocetacean says

    PZ, you are probably suffering mercury poisoning from all those exotic-disease immunisations you had to get to travel to Ireland.

    I suggest you poop in a colander to see if there’s anything unusual in your excreta.

  7. techskeptic says

    “intelligent Design”????

    (title at the start)

    What was that talk about and who was that?

  8. shonny says

    With all the amazing things to see and understand all around us, who want to bury themselves in superstition’s ignorant darkness?

  9. Sili says

    I can’t help but wonder if cephalopods haven’t already taken over dry(ish) land and a just waiting to stri

  10. David B says

    Sorry for going off topic, but does anyone know WTF is going on at the RD discussion board?

    They announced there was 39 days to copy out stuff before changing format, but I can’t access it at all now.

    looks a bit like a meltdown – the membership of the board don’t seem to want the forthcoming changes foisted on them – not even RD can herd cats:)

    Any members of the RD discussion forum looking for a new home can check out my favourite DB by clicking on my name.

    David B