1. Bracken says

    I don’t know whether to say “poor crab” or “way to go!” In either case it is a remarkable case of recycling.

  2. Jadehawk, OM says

    that’s awesome.

    I’m having visions of mildly confused future marine paleontologists. And no, the resident paleontologists may not correct this vision; because that would kill the fun :-p

  3. wanderinweeta says

    My hermits are going to love the new coats I’m preparing for them. Thanks for the idea, Big Guy!

    (Not you, PZ; the hermit.)

  4. SQB says

    Sometimes she sends me a couple of pictures, and sometimes I can’t decide between them.

    You could not make up your mind between this one and the frickin’ hamsters?

  5. Notkieran says

    This may be a bigger deal than you realise.

    In many cases, hermit crab shells are a limited resource. If this hermit crab can is “willing” (and I’m using the term loosely) to use other materials for its shell, and this “willingness” has a genetic component, it and its descendants might be able to break out of the bottleneck*.

    You know, kind of like Lenski’s Ara-3 developing the ability to eat the buffer as well as the nutrient.


    *No pun intended.