Cool videos for zoologists

Sven DeMilo posted a link to this here, but it’s worth promoting up top: a nice compilation of instructive and entertaining videos for zoologists.


  1. eddie says

    Great vids, esp. the animated pre-cambrians. One link is broke, tho. Ironically it’s to

  2. chuckgoecke says

    Those Humboldt squids are cool, they seem to be playfully interacting with the divers. I bet it would be fun to swim with them, that is, if they didn’t try to eat you!

  3. Sven DiMilo says

    wow, frontpaged; thanks, man!
    If only I was a real boy blogger…

    Let me know which ones are broke. The only Pharyngula link is to 5 sec of spiral cleavage, I think, and I checked that one earlier.

  4. Sven DiMilo says

    Everybody click on SC’s link @#4; it’s very cool. That’s the best example of recent trans-Kingdom horizontal gene transfer there is.

    I suspect (and/or hope) something similar has happened for chitin-making pathways b/w fungi and spiralians, and for cellulose-making pathways b/w plants and tunicates. So so cool.