1. Gregory Greenwood says

    Just be ready for the hordes of screaming atheist fan-girls who want your body, PZ.

    It is a hard job, but someones got to do it, eh?

  2. Gregory Greenwood says

    Actually, I should say hordes of screaming atheist fan-girls and fan-boys. I would not want to be accused of discrimination.

    I am sure there is plenty of PZ to go around… ;p

  3. Joel says

    It’s the beard. I think you and Laurie are the only two on that list who even have working facial hair folicles.

  4. PZ Myers says

    Note that the others have their pictures taken with their shirts off. If I’d done the same, you might suspect me of having been in your kitchen. And of cleaning out the larder.

  5. vanharris says

    I’ve got Lance Armstrong & Chris Carmichael’s book “Performance Program” on training for cycle racing.

    I LOLed when I noticed, every few pages, there was a tip given in a section titled, “What would Lance Do?”. He sure is one of us, in that respect, anyway. Otherwise, a bit superhuman, & a feck sight more so than that Jebus fellah ever was, if he even existed.

  6. Bill Dauphin, OM says

    What? No outrage at the objectification of these men?

    <grinning, ducking, and running like hell>

  7. vanharris says

    Ahhhhh, the link doesn’t work for me. I thought the connection was that they’re all atheists, but from the comments, that ain’t the case.

  8. alysonmiers says

    @#4, Daniel Radcliffe grew a decent beard for Equus, and Brad Pitt, last I saw, had a dreaded beard that would make Cthulu proud.

    (Although there’s something…wrong, somehow, about seeing those two on the same list of sexy men. My brain, she is bruised.)

  9. says

    Denying it only makes you more sexy, and of course you know that…

  10. Romeo Vitelli says

    “Yes, that site was pharyngulated (see definition #3)”

    Or else sabotaged by Trophy Wife.

  11. Gyeong Hwa Pak, the Pikachu of Anthropology says

    Looking at a picture of Lance Armstrong with his shirt of in the middle of a lecture hall. . .hmm. . .

  12. Zeno says

    After watching House last night, I suspect that Hugh Laurie is better than you at pretending to be gay in order to get into a woman’s pants.

    But that’s just a guess.

    And, anyway, it didn’t work, although House did get a gay marriage proposal out of his efforts.

  13. nigelTheBold says

    For some definitions of “sexy,” I suppose that isn’t far off the mark. I mean, the fact that my wife is physically sexy is secondary to her very large brain. The fact that she is intelligent, funny, well-spoken, and likes me really makes her sexy, above and beyond her body.

    I can only assume she loves me for my brain, as well.

    So for some definitions of sexy: I’m sure it’s true.

    I can’t judge the physical aspect, though. While I can tell if a man is *attractive*, I don’t really have the background to know if they are *sexy*.

  14. One Furious Llama says

    So, about how much traffic does a Pharyngula link send to a blog do you suppose? It must be a rather large bucket load, most sites seem wholly unprepared for the event.

    It would probably be a pretty scary thing getting an email from PZ saying: Avast! I’m linking to your site, make ready for a million pilgrims! Or some such.

  15. Agi Hammerthief says

    “Service Temporarily Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.”

    well done PZ

  16. Sili says

    Radcliffe has a pretty impressive beard.

    It’s just slipped down a foot or two, as you’ll notice from the photo.

    (I’ve also seen the promotionals, and, yowza, I’m pretty jealous. Pointless, of course, but so it goes.)

  17. Lynna, OM says

    Damnit! I want to to view and ogle all the sexy men, but the website PZ linked to does not respond. The Mad Women of Pharyngula (and a few lovely gay gents as well) must have killed the site. I think this proves that some of us think PZ is sexy, and that the well-fed look does not diminish the appeal of the braininess.

  18. WowbaggerOM says

    If looking like PZ is the key I’ll have to start working on it before the AGC in Melbourne this year.

    Hmm, I wonder how much beard I can grow between now and March 12…

  19. Dianne says

    You’re way sexier than any of the other guys on the site. Do any of them have PhDs? I think not. And a man without a PhD (or some reasonable substitute) is simply not worth lusting after. Plus the glasses are cute.

  20. Cuttlefish, OM says

    The list miss-spelled my name again;
    They’ve done it all along.
    I’d let them off the hook, but they
    Got every letter wrong.

  21. 'Tis Himself, OM says


    You have many good qualities. You’re an excellent teacher, you’re highly intelligent, your politics are similar to mine, and you’re an atheist. However I don’t find you sexually attractive.

    Sorry. :(

  22. Naked Bunny with a Whip says

    I can’t say who is sexiest until I have tested each subject personally. That’s, like, science.

  23. Gregory Greenwood says

    As has been pointed out by other contributors on this thread, mental attributes are far more important than physical ones.

    Many women, or men for that matter, might well consider our squidy leader sexy for his mind and his principles, neither of which fade as quickly as transitory physical beauty.

    While I must confess that you are not really my type PZ*, I certainly do covet a mind that is the equal of your own.

    Who knows? Maybe with dedication and effort, I might even possess one some day.

    /obsequiousness off

    *I could make a joke here about surgically transplanting PZ’s mind into the body of a beautiful young woman, but I won’t because that would be wrong. And scientifically implausible.

  24. Naked Bunny with a Whip says

    After looking through those photos a second time, I have decided that, rather than ranking them by a subjective measure like sexiness, we should rank them by a more easily measurable quality: albedo.

  25. Andyo says

    Yeah, last night’s House was hilarious. Jennifer Connelly was on Letterman talking about Creation too. I wonder if she is one (she’s Bettany’s wife?).

  26. miketv says

    I think I’m not the only Fanboy to think you’re by far the Sexiest on the list. And if I recall (thanks to the internet I don’t have to)… you once posted a picture of your nipple. Pretty nice actually… Although if you were any whiter you’d be slightly translucent. I think my phone has a new wallpaper=)

  27. says

    What where is Greg Graffin? He’s a punk rock music star and a college professor! That’s like triply sexy including the whole atheist thing. I mean his band’s name is Bad Religion and his thesis was “Monism, Theism, and the Naturalistic World View Perspectives in Evolutionary Biology” (it’s on my desktop, who else has their thesis on Pirate’s Bay for that matter?). What more can you possibly want (other than “old enough to be my father)?!?!

  28. says

    make that NOT old enough to be my father

  29. Patricia, Queen of Sluts OM says

    Sorry PZ, Hugh Laurie gets my vote for #1. I do wonder why Stephen Fry isn’t in the running. He wears the coolest socks of any of them.

  30. Rachel Bronwyn says

    Looks like shirtlessness is a requirement for atheists. You better lose your shirt, PZ, or we’ll start doubting your sincerity.

  31. Kausik Datta says


    Can you picture PZ shirtless halfway from Winipeg with blowing snow?

    Oh, my eyes, my eyes!
    Oh, my mind, my mind!

  32. realinterrobang says

    Sorry, PZ. You actually do have fangirls: My friend Jenn here in London, Ontario thinks you are smokin’, which probably has something to do with the fact that you look like an older, possibly cuter version of her husband. :)

    Me, I am not really sure I think you’re sexy, but you are absolutely adorable! Kittens, puppies, and PZMyerses, oh my! :)

  33. Noni Mausa says

    New England Bob said:

    “Can you picture PZ shirtless halfway from Winnipeg with blowing snow?”

    Blue. Bright blue.
    With high albedo.

    Probably visible from space.

  34. Sven DiMilo says

    Hot Mess @#41: oo! This is like my one chance to Kw*k and I’m taking it again: I knew Greg Graffin back in the freakin day when I was in grad school and he was an undergrad and then a Masters student at UCLA.
    He’s always been a cool guy.

  35. lisainthesky says

    “I see an exclusive PZ Myers-themed sex toy line being released in the near future.”


    im sure they will be very scientific and have plenty of experimental data to back up the claims made on the packaging. And much excitement over the exclusive patented “squid tickler”.

    Never under estimate the power of brains and glasses!!!

  36. omnipasje says

    They forgot about Carl Sagan (or does the person have to be alive?) and Brian Cox (who used to be in a boy band but now works at Cern)

  37. Rorschach says

    What where is Greg Graffin? He’s a punk rock music star and a college professor! That’s like triply sexy including the whole atheist thing. I mean his band’s name is Bad Religion and his thesis was “Monism, Theism, and the Naturalistic World View Perspectives in Evolutionary Biology

    I have to admit I didnt’t know that,always trust the nerds here to come up with some surprising gem lol ! Might take a look at it.Bad Religion is my CD for traffic jams on the Monash Freeway, and has been for years…:-)And since there is always traffic jam on the MF, I get to listen to it a lot.

    As to Brad Pitt, since his role in “Basterds” I think he is actually rather unsexy.

  38. Kevin says

    PZ is sexy, eh?

    I think I could be on the list, or a list…

    “Top 10 Atheists Who Look Like They’re Teenagers Although They Are Actually In Their Late Twenties!”

    “Top 10 Atheists Who Really Need to Eat a Couple of Big-Ass Cheeseburgers!”

    “Top 10 Atheists Whose Attention Spans Are – Hey Look a Butterfly!”

  39. Rachel Bronwyn says

    I don’t understand how Dawkins didn’t make the list. Even my sister admits he’s hot “for an old guy”.

    Admittedly, I only date old guys.

  40. KillJoy says

    PZ has this whole big cuddly teddy bear thing going on. Which, on the whole is not unappealing. I’m starting to get to the big cuddly teddy bear phase myself, (Which isn’t all bad, the line of guys in their mid-twenties calling me sexy daddy might have something to do with that.) us teddy bears have to stick together!

    I do appreciate the eyecandy. And also, Bill re: #8, Naw. Not outrage at the objectification, im objectifying them myself. Sometimes it’s fun to be treated like a piece of meat, who am I to deny them that pleasure? :P

  41. Lagunatic says

    Laura (redheadedskeptic) added you to her list, but you didn’t make it to my SATIRIST award poll (you can find the poll by clicking my name, I hope).
    Only because I haven’t had time to read you (!!! I know !!!) not because you’re not deserving.

    Maybe next year – you big sexy teddy bear, you ;)

  42. Aquaria says

    I’m also surprised that Dawkins isn’t on the list. He’d be my #2, after Hugh Laurie (sorry, PZ). On a known atheist list.

    I don’t know if this guy does or doesn’t have any religious belief, but he’s the sexiest man alive. And maybe the sexiest ever, or darn near it.