There ought to be a qualifying exam for parenthood

It’s another of those cases where people unfit to be parents abuse their children. Samuel McGehee is accused of murdering his youngest son, suffocating him to death because he wouldn’t take a nap. That’s horrible, but the next question I have to ask is why this guy was allowed in the same room with small children after what he did last year.

A detective testified that in March 2008, McGehee, concerned about the family’s financial state, decided to circumcise his other son at home, using a filet knife.

“There was severe damage to the shaft of the penis,” Detective Shawn Jenkins said. “There was a lot of skin removed.”

The 3-month-old’s scrotum was also lacerated during the procedure, Jenkins said. The child has subsequently endured extensive reconstructive surgeries, and more are expected.

What is it with these religious kooks and their children’s penises? I’m the father of two boys, and aside from assistance with basic hygiene when they were very small, I pretty much left their business alone…and the idea of taking a knife to them was unthinkable. I really wonder what crazy fundagelical church this man went to that made circumcision such a priority.

If the law had taken this lunatic aside when he’d committed such a stupid crime and told him that his parenting rights were immediately suspended, there’s another little boy who might still be alive today.