Aaargh, what have they done?

I know that Seed and SixApart have been busily tinkering with the comments section to “improve” things, but I don’t know exactly what they’re doing. It’s gotten weird, though, and many of you are sending me complaints that you can’t comment any more — I haven’t banned anyone recently, I swear.

It seems to be in a transitional state. Some of the problems may be a result of parts of the html or css being cached on your computer, and the server is getting confused. Try reloading/refreshing the page to force a full update; it might work. It might not. I was initially locked out myself, and it took a couple of forced reloads before it started functioning again.

Anyway, any anomalies are not at all personal, but are a result of the mechanics taking a sledgehammer to the undercarriage. All will be resolved eventually. I hope.