You know what’s wrong with Christians? They’re lousy tippers!

Apparently, the Sunday brunch-after-church crowd has an awful reputation for being bad tippers. Somehow, I’m not surprised. But even fellow Christians have noticed and find fault with them.

Take, for example, how Christians tip and behave in restaurants. If you have ever worked in the restaurant industry you know the reputation of the Sunday morning lunch crowd. Millions of Christians go to lunch after church on Sundays and their behavior is abysmal. The single most damaging phenomenon to the witness of Christianity in America today is the collective behavior of the Sunday morning lunch crowd. Never has a more well-dressed, entitled, dismissive, haughty or cheap collection of Christians been seen on the face of the earth.

Wait…the “single most damaging phenomenon to the witness of Christianity in America” is poor tipping? I don’t think so — that’s more of a symptom of a shallow, selfish, superstitious philosophy that is in itself an affront to thinking human beings everywhere. I don’t think that if I were bussing tables that getting a 20% tip would convince me that talking snakes, genetics via striped sticks, and getting excused for my sins because a crazy rabbi got executed two millennia ago are rational ideas.

But otherwise, yeah, it’s simple decency to leave a reasonable tip for people who work hard for low pay.


  1. says

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  2. artteacher says

    I’m a Christian. I tip 20% on dinners, more my hairdresser. That line of bigoted.

  3. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    That line of bigoted.

    No, truthful. Your group, as a whole, tips less well after services than the rest of the week. That is confirmed above. Truth isn’t bigotry, but rather a statement of facts. So, what are you going to do about it other than complain to us? I suggest you take it up with other Xians.

  4. Caine says


    I’m a Christian. I tip 20% on dinners, more my hairdresser. That line of bigoted.

    Well good for you. Are you capable of reading dates? I ask because this thread was active in October of 2009. Or did you just really feel the need to call us bigots?