Doug Wilson is a nasty piece of work

As I mentioned yesterday, Christopher Hitchens is touring the country with a pastor, Doug Wilson, doing public debates. A reader wrote in to inform me of who Wilson is, and I was appalled. He has a ministry in Idaho which has ties to the white supremacy movement! Doug Wilson has an entry at the Southern Poverty Law Center that explains that he coauthored a book, Southern Slavery As It Was, with Steven Wilkins, a neo-Confederate, that was essentially a mangling of history and theology to assert that slavery in the South wasn’t so bad after all. He runs a private school in Idaho that celebrates Robert E. Lee’s birthday; he wants a “cultural reformation” in America, and his model, his ideal, is the antebellum Confederacy. He’s a regular speaker at Christian Reconstructionist conferences sponsored by the League of the South. His ideological heroes are Robert Lewis Dabney and Rousas John Rushdoony. Here’s a collection of links that point to the vileness of this sleazebag.

He doesn’t confine his bigotry to other races, either. He’s a wanna-be theocrat who wants to return to biblical barbarities.

Wilson used the Bible’s view on homosexuals as another example.

The Bible indicates the punishment for homosexuality is death. The Bible also indicates the punishment for homosexuality is exile.

“So death is not the minimal punishment for a homosexual,” Wilson said. “There are other alternatives.”

I don’t understand at all why Hitchens would want to be associated with such a creature, unless he was specifically seeking out the very worst that American Christianity brings to the table. Unfortunately, he’s contributing to the reputation of a monstrous blight on the Palouse, a racist, theocratic ideologue whom people of that region deplore.