Pivar gives up on another suit

In August, Stuart Pivar once again threatened to resolve a scientific dispute by waving a team of lawyers at it, when he tried to sue a scientist, Robert Hazen, for daring to insist that Pivar stop using his name to promote Pivar’s pseudo-science of balloon animals. I just heard from Peter Irons that he had received notification from some of the lawyers involved in that case.

Good morning Peter,

We are pleased to report that Pivar’s counsel called and offered to
dismiss the action with prejudice. We recently filed the executed
Stipulation of Voluntary Discontinuance. The action is officially
dismissed with prejudice (though it may be a few days before the Clerk
changes the case status to inactive). Thank you,

Monique E. Liburd
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

This is becoming a tradition.