If you don’t stop doing that, you’ll go extinct!

Those darned Christians are always ruining our fun. Now we’re getting preemptive finger-wagging: we have been warned that sex with robots is always wrong. The author is afraid we’re going to someday run out and buy life-like android sex slaves, and then humanity will go extinct…because of course we’d all prefer to have sex with a perfect Christian woman an obedient, unquestioning, subservient machine.

(Shhh. While he’s busy looking for androids to cluck over, don’t let him know that the sex machines are already here. They aren’t humanoid at all. They tend to have shapes that vary from simple cylinders to oddly bumpy-twisted things that get around some of the deficiencies of our natural forms, and they vibrate. They also don’t seem to be leading to the disappearance of the species.)