Creepy ol’ Ken Ham

Ken Ham is whining about me again — this time, I am “this atheist professor”. He really chokes over my name, doesn’t he?

Anyway, that’s not interesting. What is bizarre is this photo and question:

Where were these taken?


Answer: In the AiG parking lot when the 285 atheists visited.  As one looks at the messages on these bumper stickers, we need to pray for these very lost people who so desperately need the Lord.  Actually, I believe some of these messages really do reflect what the devil offered Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, “you shall become as gods…”

This is creepy on two levels: that Ken Ham sent his goons out to photograph the cars of visitors, which speaks of a very deep paranoia, and that he finds these simple bumper stickers to be satanic. He needs to pray for people who voted for Obama? People who value ethics and doing good are desperate need of the lord?

He’s a sick, warped man.