No apologies

Some very persnickety people have been demanding that I apologize for riding a fiberglas dinosaur at the Creation “Museum”, because it had a sign saying it was intended only for those under the age of 12. I’ve thought about it. There is that sign, after all, and if I’d looked a little more carefully, I might have noticed it.

But then, I realized that I still would have clambered aboard. There isn’t the slightest twinge of repentance in my heart. I’ll even encourage everyone else to jump on, if you go there — it’s irresistibly ludicrous, and is a good way to thumb your nose at the goofballs running that show. Of course, now they’re going to have a guard hovering around it all the time, so it may be a little trickier. You may also get tased.

If you absolutely must have an excuse, though, it’s easy. Ken Ham claims that the world, which by all objective, scientific measures is 4.5 billion years old, is actually only 6,000 years old. Scaling ages by this metric, that means that greying 52 year old geezers like me are only 36 minutes old — obviously, I was created with the appearance of age. 36 minutes is much, much less than 12 years, so I was clearly within the allowed range. What that sign really means is that you must be under 90 million scientific years to ride the dinosaur.