We made a sad old man cry

And it feels good! Ben Stein, that old fraud, was recently fired from his gig as a columnist for the New York Times because he crossed an ethical line: he was shilling for one of those ‘free credit report’ scammers. Well, that’s what the NYT said, but he has written a long whine in which he carefully explains that what he did wasn’t unethical at all, and he was actually fired because he offended a cabal of Goldman-Sachs bankers, Obama supporters, and…neo-Darwinists and atheists! I think that last bit was a reference to me.

Watch him blubber.

One final thought. Well, maybe two final thoughts: first, it’s sad that the Internet has become a backyard gossip freeway for the whole world’s sick people to pour out their neuroses. I have seen a tiny fraction of all of the hate mail that’s come in the wake of the NY Times announcement (which they promised they would not make in any event). Too many sick people out there on the web for comfort.

Second, among those who are not really such hot items, I fully include myself. Without doubt, I have made as many mistakes as a person not in custody can make. I make no claims to anything even remotely like perfection or even desirability as a role model. It is just that in this case, I didn’t do anything wrong. In my life, I have done plenty wrong. I am not the master. I am the servant and a poor one at that.

Don’t forget “incoherent”! He’s also pathetically whiny! There are so many things Ben Stein could apologize for as he says goodbye.