I get email

Man, I get some strange email. This one is just weird…maybe one of you can help this person out.

This was sent to me by Jodi Haynes.

Jason is an IT manager for a local tech support call centre. I now work at a vineyard, but the call centre was where we met. I was a noob techie and he approached me with one of the cheesiest lines in the book. It was the old ‘Do I know you from somewhere?’, and it worked.

We started dating and have been nearly inseparable since, though it wasn’t always smooth sailing. You see I was not nearly as rational and level headed then as I am now. At almost every turn Jason challenged my most fundamental beliefs. I was never religious, but I believed in a lot of nonsense that I never thought was nonsense because no one every tried to tell me that it was. I guess I would have been described as one of those ‘spiritual’ people. Astrology, afterlife, psychics, ghosts, chakras, I was into it all.

The change seemed slow to me as I was quite stubborn to let go of these things, and almost always argued against Jason’s rational views until we both would just give up. It was then that I would stew over the ideas for a few days or months and eventually reach the conclusion that he was right (I can’t believe I just said that :P). And so thanks to him I have slowly come to accept and embrace my inner humanist.

Last year we bought a house together, and I fully intend to spend the rest of my life with him. But because we are both so anti-religious, I’m not sure it has occurred to him that marriage is something I’m even interested in. Frankly I’m tired of trying to give him hints (sorry dear), and waiting, so I’ve decided to just ask him instead. And thanks to Stephanie, and all of you, I can do it in a way that I know he’ll think is really cool :)

Well, Jason, what do you say? Jodi is asking you to marry her. It’s OK for an atheist to say yes, if you’d like.