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    The number of theists in the United States is still above 70%. The time when atheists can relax is not indicated by the presidency, but rather by the belief of the people. Well, at least in democratic nations.

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    Ah yes, Sunday mornings, when I get to use my ‘secret zipcode’ game cheat to unlock the magic chamber holding all the best of the atheist’s special armor.


  3. llewelly says

    Sunday mornings, when I get to use my ‘secret zipcode’ game cheat to unlock the magic chamber holding all the best of the atheist’s special armor.

    If you subscribe to the podcast you don’t need the zipcode, and you also avoid increasing the peak demand on the radio station’s server(s).
    (The downside is that you don’t get to listen live, but that only matters if you want to call in or email during the show.)

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    more spamming going on,the “First they came for” thread….

    I was deaf, they came for the mutes, and there was no one left to speak.

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    hosted at the Electronic Showcase of Perpetual Bandwidth (ESPB)

    Digital proof — clearer than the best UFO picture ever posted!, no waiting. Be first in line to see God’s first example of his sacred new-age version of Jesus Toast.

    God gets all GUI with the WWWW!!!

    The COMPLETE text of this exciting and holiday-timed glorious event is in the description box accompanying the PHOTOGRAPH OF A DOCUMENTED MIRACLE is OUR OWN ERA!

    The advanced bloggle study groups of my rapidly forming congregation will want to study the actual text of the article under observation at the top of the photo and visit the URL


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    Given the rest of his appointments, I am having trouble taking seriously the idea that the ‘science’ team is anything MORE than a sop to the lib/prog/enviro crowd, and that they’ll be isolated, and neutered, enough so that they–especially the academics–will walk away from the whole thing in frustration within a year or so.

    After which Mr.O can appoint more Salazars, Duncans, and Clintons to those posts, rationalizing that by appeals to the frailty of the former appointees, and their ‘inability’ to work cooperatively with industry…

  7. xebecs says

    Off topic, please excuse:

    The most recent Scientific American magazine is devoted to evolution, natural selection and Darwin. So far, it’s really, really well done.

  8. Jeff Gunn says

    Great radio program today. The Council for Secular Humanism is not delusional about the change of administration in Washington. Church and State seperation issues apply to all of us.

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    Dam, I overslept after staying up too late lat night with disbursing the news about my documented MIRACLE – see above.

    I’ll catch it in archives I guess.


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    Obama supported an earmark for Teen Challenge – an organization that until recently linked to the Exodus ex-gay ministries. After I called them out on this on the Minneapolis Issues list, they scrubbed the link from their site.

    Minnesota Teen Challenge also has a bizarre stand on Halloween:

    Parents should watch for interest in Harry Potter and Pokemon – these are gateways to drug abuse:

    Klobuchar proposed – and got a 500,000 earmark for this program. Barack proposed an earmark for this program also.