1. says

    Hard to believe they’re in the same phylum as clams. Unlike clams, it seems to me they probably really can be happy. At least that guy has a contented look.

  2. says

    “At least that guy has a contented look.”

    You think he looks contented? I’m getting a “turn that camera off, I’m trying to sleep here” impression.

  3. Jimbo says

    On a serious note, can anyone tell me if there is there any point in majoring in genetics? or should i stick with biochemistry?

  4. BicycleRepairMan says

    Crash a Norwegian Poll! has an article about a Norwegian “Healer” called “Snåsamannen” (The Man from Snåsa). Recently, a book about the old man was released, and its sold 90000 copies, and thats ALOT in Norway (we have a population of 4.7 million)

    Anyway the question is: Whats happening (when he “heals”)?

    X- Placebo-effect
    X- Genuine Healing
    X- Superstition
    X- Trickery

    The poll is in the middle somewhere, and the button Stem! means Vote!

    Crash away!

  5. BicycleRepairMan says

    Oh yea, about the poll: “Genuine healing” leads with 60% *ducks in shame of my countrymen and women*

  6. Ichthyic says

    Man, I can’t believe I spelled Cthulhu incorrectly

    one spot further back in the line to be eaten for you.

  7. pvrugg says

    The Ceph pics are usually awesome, but this one is a little disturbing to me… it looks like a scrotum with eyes…

    (But then, I got shot in the head last week and I really shouldn’t be out of bed)