1. Anon says

    I said it on the earlier thread, but in case that one goes the way of the dodo… this is what I think of when I think of monkey music:

  2. Colonel Molerat says

    Unavailable for me too (UK)…
    I didn’t realise it was such an ethnocentric celebration…

  3. Patricia, OM says

    What’s the opposite song? I’m NOT a happy monkey. I’m doing the freezing chicken dance.

    Hey Rev. is that blue love monkey you? Tee, hee!

  4. says

    Goddamn fucking right. Happy Monkey Day is here to stay and if you have a problem with it, get the fuck out of America!

  5. says

    All the polls say that most Americans believe as I do: That the traditional signs of Happy Monkey are a good thing.So give monkeys a break, enjoy the season no matter how you celebrate it, and be thankful you live in a country where the philosophy of peace on earth, good will toward all monkeys is honored with a federal holiday.

  6. George E Martin says

    I agree with natural cynic at #11. I was going to reference that Ernie Kovacs great skit, but he beat me to it.


  7. Michael C says

    What is so offensive about this video that it is not available on YouTube in so many countries???

  8. Brownian, OM says

    So, what’s the status on the request to display a giant banana at the Washington State Capitol?

    Make sure to honour Name Deleted on the plaque as the holiday’s founder.

  9. Epikt says


    The movie is not available for my country (Brazil).
    I wanted to celebrate “Happy Monkey”

    But you can. Happy Monkey lives in the hearts of all of us, not on silly, blasphemous YouTube.

    Remember–where two or three are gathered in the name of His Happy Hirsute Holiness, he will be there among you.

  10. says

    Feynmaniac, #30

    That’s right, ‘happy monkey” was commercialized before it became a seasonal greeting. With such a precedent it can’t help but prosper. :)

  11. Sanity Jane says

    That was BRILLIANT! Rockin’ song, fantastic video. And I thought I hated the New York Dolls. Now I think maybe I want to have David Johansen’s grotesque monkey children…

  12. says

    Not only for the holidays; all year round. We might have a name better than “Brights:” Happy Monkeys! It’ll drive the Creationists right up the wall.

  13. says


    Curses I cannot view the video due to my country or ‘domain’.

    Somebody is already oppressing my rights to express how Happy Monkey I feel… I bet its a right-wing conspiracy led by Billo!

  14. says

    At some point in the indeterminate and unknowable past, somehow, somewhere, the phrase, “The Happy Monkey Dance” entered my lexicon.

    As in, “You got a raise! So you’re doing the Happy Monkey Dance now!”

    And remember, “Happy Monkeys fling no poo!”

  15. Brownian, OM says

    Not only for the holidays; all year round. We might have a name better than “Brights:” Happy Monkeys! It’ll drive the Creationists right up the wall.

    I second that emotion!

    Quick! Time to edit the ‘About me’ section on my facebook profile!

  16. says

    This video is not available in your country or domain.

    WTF? Who the hell is censoring stuff for France (and the other countries noted), and why!?

  17. says

    Never too late to mix a little politics with religion. Full post is almost 700 words. Following was originally a comment I made at Firedoglake in reference to a post there referencing some rightwing asshats as ‘fuckers’. It is reposted to my website as well as on my Talking Points Memo blog (where recommending or commenting on it will ensure more visibility if the mood strikes you!)

    Here’s a couple paragraphs I’m sure you guys will appreciate to whet your appetites:

    The more I think about it, the more I’m willing to overlook your colorful and carnal use of colloquial curse words, so long as I still get to refer to the FUCKERS as enthusiast supporters of the torture of children’s testicles. Maybe Pastor Warren will explain it as necessary to torture the testicles of children because doing otherwise ‘might jeopordize the integrity of the unborn’. Did God not mention his stand on the torture of children’s testicles? Was he so preoccupied with condemning the homosexuals and seafood eaters that he overlooked the obvious? God gave us all noses, ears and and asses, never actually directing us on what their functions were to be used for. He must have known we were smart enough to figure out our heads from our asses. Too bad he didn’t have the forethought to forcefully and vehemently comment against the torture of toddler testicles. I thought that issue, (along with the Magna Carta), had been settled long, long ago.

    and my personal favorite, a post Bush employment suggestion for Condi Rice.

    ….she could open a think tank. It could be named the “Center Heading Research in Support of Torturing Toddler’s Testicles” aka CHRISTTT, which will of course be more informally referred to as the CHRIST CENTER for purposes of public consumption. That’s just how those FUCKERS roll.


  18. says

    This video is not available in your country or domain.

    Same here in Sweden.

    For media companies to properly ream people according to where they live, the World must be partitioned into isolated regions, as with DVDs and console games. Of late, YouTube has started supporting such a scheme, presumably at the request of their corporate customers.

  19. Feynmaniac says

    you people and your PRO-SIMIAN AGENDA!!1!one! You have to stop monkeying around.

    When will you learn the ‘One True Holiday’ TM , Festivus ?!/! You are destroying an 11 year old tradition. Historical records show that a New York City did indeed exist in 1997 and that a comedian named Jerry Seinfeld once lived there. Therefore everything in Season 9 Episode 10 of Seinfeld is 100% true.

    Everytime someone greats me with a ‘Happy Monkey’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ i will punch them in the face!

    If you cannot accept the teachings of the profit Frank Costanza, peace be upon him, than just shut up during Festivus and don’t ruin it for the rest of us!!
    i will think of you during the air of grievances !!1!exclamation point!1!!!

    [Note: If this ‘War on Festivus’ thing isn’t funny blame it on the fact that I’m drunk. This isn’t the first time the thought has occurred to me that I should put a breathalyzer on my keyboard]

  20. RickrOll says

    Don’t i feel so lucky, to be able to actually watch the video then! And it’s pretty good- so there ppppllllththt :P

    Ha ha foreigners and their censored Internets lol
    completely joking of course.

  21. vombatus says

    I loves me some New York Dolls! Only two surviving original members, but they still have that sound! I bought Lipstick Killers on vinyl (extinct media:proof of technological evolution) in 1982 and never looked back. David Johansen, you might recall, did a stint as “Buster Poindexter” in the 80’s (anyone recall “Is That You, Santy Claus?”) Sylvain Sylvain and he are still kickin’ as they near 60…it’s definitely the power of Happy Monkey that keeps them young enough to rock this hard and still tour (they’re playing in L.A. tomorrow night). In fact, the very simian appearance of Mr. Johansen is proof of the existence of Happy Monkey. How can anyone deny this!?

  22. True Bob says

    @ 61:



    Dang, that was the obscure song I thought I would be first to post. That’s what I get for showing up late.

  23. says

    I was sitting at home last night with my partner and I mentioned that this song in my opinion made a much better Happy Monkey song. I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

    Now shake your monkey hips my pretty little creationist!

    Happy Monkey!

  24. spondee says

    Sammi Yaffa plays bass for the Dolls, he plays guitar in his other band Mad Juana. I’m no good with these internets, so you’ll have to find them on your own, but they fucking rock. Gypsy, funk, punk, with a horn section. Nothing short of Awesome. Happy Monkey!!

  25. says

    “Hey! You got my punk rock in your evolution!”
    “You got my evolution in your punk rock!”

    Mmm… two great tastes that taste great together.

  26. samantha mullaney says

    This video is not available in your country or domain.
    UNHappy Monkey!
    alternate sites – thanks James F #13!!!
    Happy Monkey!

  27. Martin says

    Take the wayback machine to 1975 and see the NY Dolls perform “Stranded in the Jungle” – a precursor to “Dance Like a Monkey” –

  28. David Marjanović, OM says

    Not only for the holidays; all year round. We might have a name better than “Brights:” Happy Monkeys! It’ll drive the Creationists right up the wall.

    You win.

    This seems to be the same video, but internationally accessible (at least, it’s accessible in Sweden):

    Thanks, works for me!

    @ 61:



    Yeah, that’s probably the most appropriate response. Urgh. Am I glad I was only born after the 70s were over.

  29. BruceJ says

    Great…y’all just made Apple/ITMS another $5 as I sucked down an album from Yet Another Band I Was Too Uncool To Like back in the day.

  30. DominEditrix says

    I turned on the SciFi channel this morning and found The Monkey King playing. Happy Monkey!

  31. Frasque says

    If we’re suggesting anthems and carols and such, I’m throwing the (non-monkey) “Open Eyes” by Oingo Boingo into the ring:

    Auld Lang Syne, reworded by atheist Danny Elfman.

    “May the memories not be forgot
    May we never lose our mind
    may no one tamper with our thoughts
    for the sake of open eyes

    The mindless cretin on parade
    they may fill our lives with fear
    Should we forgive and look away
    Well perhaps, but not this year!”

  32. says

    This seems to be the same video, but internationally accessible (at least, it’s accessible in Sweden):

    Thanks, that also works in France. Also see Dano Johnson @48, who is the director, for another (non-YourCensored) link that works.