1. Michelle says

    It’s not the hannukah song I can’t stand, it’s that guy’s singing. It’s TERRIBLE! I can’t get more than 10 seconds in!

  2. Magnus says

    Was Ben Franklin really an atheist? I know he wasn’t exactly a Christian, but my impression is that he was still a believer of sorts.

  3. says

    If he had only not tried to parody Adam Sandler’s weird voice modulations, fit the names better to the rhythm of the song, etc… you know… I tried to like this, I did, but Dan Barker he ain’t.

  4. Dan DeLeon says

    I made it through the first line before stopping. Where’s a mallet-wielding Jaye P. Morgan when you really need her? I think she’s still alive.

  5. Claudia says

    Yeah, I agree that the mimicry wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t great, but would have been more tolerable if he hadn’t pulled out his crappy Adam Sandler impression. I did manage to watch the whole thing, though. And I appreciate the sentiment.

  6. Diagoras says


    Franklin was a deist – at least, he self-identified as one. As per his autobiography, “Some books against Deism fell into my hands; they were said to be the substance of sermons preached at Boyle’s Lectures. It happened that they wrought an effect on me quite contrary to what was intended by them; for the arguments of the Deists, which were quoted to be refuted, appeared to me much stronger than the refutations; in short, I soon became a thorough Deist.” Even so – some of his writings indicate that he approved of the award/punishment system of Christianity. Thomas Paine/Ethan Allen were further from christianity in their deism- publically speaking about, and writing whole books on their philosophies. Don’t think we can honestly, though, claim this lot for the cause of atheism. Even if they used reason to a greater extent than the modern sort of botherers about god.

  7. mirroreyes says

    the melody and adam sandler voice are like jagged fish hooks ripping my ears out from the inside, nice try tho.

  8. Reginald Selkirk says

    Metro fields hundreds of complaints about bus ads

    Hundreds of people have fired off complaints to Metro for running an ad campaign on its buses that questions the belief in God.
    The transit system said the controversial ads have solicited just one compliment, while receiving 251 complaints.

    It’s not clear how many of those who complained actually ride the Metro system, as all but five complaints arrived via e-mail.

  9. says

    Everyone’s a critic. Don’t buy his cd then.

    Don’t call me psychic, but somehow, I have this strange premonition that the horde are not going to Pharyngulate PayPal in the rush for that CD.

  10. Benjamin Franklin says

    Was Ben Franklin really an atheist? I know he wasn’t exactly a Christian, but my impression is that he was still a believer of sorts.

    I can authoritatively say that Ben Franklin was not an atheist, although some of his contemporaries considered him to be one because of his non-acceptance of dogmatic Christianity.

  11. Brownian, OM says

    Man, you people have namby-pamby eardrums. Whatever will you do when Cthulhu finally calls?

    This was funny.

  12. says

    OT, but this is interesting and should concern us:

    Romania removes theory of evolution from school curriculum

    Romania’s withdrawal of the theory of evolution from the school curriculum could be evidence of a growing conservative tendency in teaching. Evolution has been removed from the school curriculum in a move which, pressure groups argue, distorts children’s understanding of how the world came into being.

    Meanwhile, religious studies classes continue to tell Romanian children that God made the world in seven days.

    The theory of the Origin of Species and the evolution of humans is no longer present in the compulsory curriculum, through a nationwide decision made under the previous Government in 2006. Before the change, Darwin’s theory was taught to pupils aged 18 or 19 years old. This was also in the curriculum during the Communist period of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

    Information on natural selection, how fish turned into lizards and, more or less, a summary of the first 4.5 billion years of the world until man walked the earth is now optional.

    “We don’t teach the theory of evolution anymore,” said one 38 year-old Bucharest-based biology teacher.

    But the Minister of Education, Cristian Adomnitei, argues that biology is taught within the context of evolution. “This subject can be found implicitly from middle school to high-school,” the Minister tells The Diplomat. “Do you think that the studies about the world where we live, its evolution or genetics can ignore the evolution theory? This is impossible.”

    Contextually it may be there, all right, as it should be. But it is ridiculous to teach evolution without explicitly teaching its primary theory, just as it would be to try to teach college physics with no chapter on relativity.

    And I think it’s fair to say that biology can be taught without evolutionary theory, or at least while denying “macroevolution” (whatever that slippery term means to them). Homeschoolers and parochial schools in the USA do so regularly.

    And it’s hard to understand any reason for taking evolution out of the curriculum other than to placate anti-science religious zealots.

    Glen D

  13. CaptainKendrick says

    I dunno. Might have given him a ‘A’ for effort, but he should have refrained from trying to emote like Adam Sandler. Didn’t work. Adam Sandler annoyed me back then, but his song was kind of funny the way he presented it. I missed alot of this guy’s lyrics, because I couldn’t understand what he was singing when he tried to do the Sandler thing. Came off more like the Free Credit Report dot com guy, who makes me want to do Hari Kari whenever I hear those commercials.

  14. EntoAggie says

    Awww, I thought this was cute, although I agree he probably shouldn’t have tried so hard to imitate Adam Sandler’s obnoxious whining.

    I think “faitheism” is my new favorite unword.

  15. the pro from dover says

    That sucked. But speaking of Adam Sandler, he did a song about his piece of shit car. Does anyone know where that can be found? TPFD

  16. skyotter says

    “If you can’t stand Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song, don’t listen to this”

    okay. wow, quick thread.

  17. Rey Fox says

    “That sucked. But speaking of Adam Sandler, he did a song about his piece of shit car. Does anyone know where that can be found? TPFD”

    I’d try a file-sharing program like Limewire for that. Or you could locate a copy of his album “What The Hell Happened To Me?”.

  18. JRS says

    Does YouTube have a continuous replay button? I hate having to click play every couple of minutes.

  19. Newfie says

    Glen D wrote:

    And it’s hard to understand any reason for taking evolution out of the curriculum other than to placate anti-science religious zealots.

    It’s not hard to understand at all. Religion has always been about power and control, and as such, one of the favourite tools of governments. Think of where biology would be without microscopes.

  20. 'Tis Himself says

    If you can’t stand Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song, don’t listen to this.

    I can’t stand Adam Sandler, so I didn’t listen.

  21. Arren says

    Only Adam Sandler can pull off an Adam Sandler.

    Some might say that even that is debatable…..

  22. J Myers says

    That sucked. But speaking of Adam Sandler, he did a song about his piece of shit car. Does anyone know where that can be found? TPFD

    Huh? It’s the same song…. A-E-D-E, repeat, add words of choice, sing in silly voice.

  23. RickrOll says

    “That sucked. But speaking of Adam Sandler, he did a song about his piece of shit car. Does anyone know where that can be found? TPFD”

    I don’t have the Sandler version, but i do have this one; hilarious:

    Sorry guys, i agree with Browniam OM on this. I must have a very high threshold of artistic mutilation, or think alot of stuff is generally funny. B-

  24. RickrOll says

    Posted by: ‘Tis Himself

    I can’t stand Adam Sandler, so I didn’t listen.

    —umm, but you commented? And yes, the impression was pretty lame. But still, not the worst; very far from it.

  25. Gabriel Ratchet says

    Eh. The kid’s heart is in the right place, so I don’t really feel there’s any point on piling on him the way a lot of earlier posters have. I’d still have to give him points for enthusiasm, and besides, I’d hate to be judged by the kind of stuff I turned out when I was his age, no matter how well-intentioned it might have been at the time.

  26. RickrOll says

    yeah, ya gotta figure that he isn’t an expert or a professional comedian or anything, so there isn’t any real point in insisting that he was terrible. He is just a regular youtuber; we ought to welcome him to the fold of creative athiests. He may even be a larval form of Cuttlefish.

    And for the record, Jew=deist, where J value <5. J <3= Jedi

  27. RickrOll says

    Grrrr. when J value is less that 5= deist; J values less than or equal to 3=jedi

    Damn it, i forgot about the anal processing of the less than/greater than signs

  28. Josh West says

    Ugh, that was bad. I’m sure the lyrics are clever, but that Sandler voice just kills it.

  29. RickrOll says

    “—umm, but you commented?
    And your point is?”

    If You don’t like Adam Sandler, and didn’t watch the video, why look at the post? It isn’t gonna bring you any enjoyment, ha ha. Maybe you’re a masochist?

  30. Colin says

    A for effort, F– for execution. This was terrible! It was thoroughly unimaginative, and just ripped off what is already a terrible song. My poor ear drums Prof. Myers! This post should come with a warning!

  31. LisaJ says

    hmm, after reading through the comments here I’ve been putting off watching this video because I expected to be terribly annoyed by it. Just watched it, and I didn’t think it was that bad! Certainly not dreadful. OK, it was definitely quite amateurish in some spots, but I thought he did a not bad job overall, and had some pretty creative lines. And his voice is arguably less annoying than Sandler’s.

  32. RickrOll says

    Lisa, may i shake your hand? THANK you for admitting the Good points of the piece; i think most of these people weren’t even fans of the original song!

    Give the kid some slack! If you don’t like it, You do better!

  33. Mark A. Siefert says

    JJR, No. 5

    With all due respect to Mr. Barker, I sadly find his music to be as banal and kitschy as the tripe that Christian’s produce. While he may be able to carry a tune in a bucket, I can’t say I’m a fan.

    Now George Hrab on the other hand…. he kicks ass.

  34. Robert Byers says

    From Canada
    I indeed can’t stand the hannakka or Adam Sandler.
    The song by him was a anti-American and malicious punch against the people and children who have in their heart a important place for christmas.
    It was not about including a tiny ,2%, of the pop who are left out, (considering the story hardly) of the great festival of a great number of Americans and Christiandom now and in the past.
    Christmas is about people believing a god came to earth to save and heal mankind. Christmas is a general festival now with great meaning and memory for most. Its a very personal and powerful connection to loved ones, love, fun, joy and hoped for such things in the future.
    Christmas is as American (and Canadian) as mom and pop and for those without that what it can at least be in the future.

    This Jewish Sandler’s song was a rant against the identities of america. the song was about his identity being relegated to what they really are. A tiny number of people relative to america. usually they have the satisfaction of prominence in their identity.
    Their festive, a coincedence of the calendr and a minor one in the Jewish calender, is given almost equal time in public. Yet in reality it is only Christmas time.
    If jews like Adam don’t like it then move back to whereever you come from. Israel.

    This guy has fame, fortune, at a early age. The only reason to attack Christmas is from pride and envy of the american people who let him into their christian country and its stuff in the first place.

    The song was about jewish idenity and not religion. it was about these people are us and not you.. A common idea in America.
    our achievment and not yours. oh brother. If others said it it would be called racism.

    It was a wicked song from a hateful heart of another embittered ethnic who can’t enjoy his “countrymen’s” festivales and identity.

    He doesn’t speak for all Jews but should open the eyes of everyone that he speaks for some.
    It truly was a sad hostile punch against the American man and his family.
    By people who have more then their share of good things and who get things for their race in Israel. also the source of americas problems with the middle east.

    He mentioned how jews have so much in hollywood. Well if the government and so on should look like america then why not first Hollywood. America is not 50% jewish or whatever.
    This song is a hate song against america just like much of Hollywood. yup. its the Jews after all. If ever a song should be banned its this one. its unkind and a rebuke for your soul and your people.
    Everyday in America for Jews (and Israel) is Christmas.
    Thanks to Mr Myers for bringing the issue up.

  35. Doo Shabag says

    Loved it! Watched it twice, but then I like Sandler too.

    Still, I don’t pray OJ goes to hell, though I do agree with his dickipedia entry:

    Orenthal James “O. J.” Simpson (born July 9, 1947) is a retired American football player, actor, broadcaster, murder suspect, and a dick.

  36. Feynmaniac says

    Robert Byers,

    Please take your anti-Semitic Schizophrenic-like rants elsewhere. You’ll fit right in here.

    P.S. For someone in Canada you sure talk a lot about American “values”.

  37. says

    Wow. Just…wow. First of all, you claim to be Canadian (by the way, as an actual Canadian, I reject your claim; you may now go join Celine Dion and Shania Twain in the corner) and then use “anti-American” as an insult. Ridiculous. And then the anti-Semitism just pushes it over the top.

  38. Hailtana says

    Robert Byers, in addition to the above comments, I must wonder how you sleep at night.

    First off, you’re Canadian and you’re speaking about the “American man and his family”. Secondly, way to go with the anti-semistim. Yeah, you’re the smart Christian who supposedly loves everyone right? Thirdly, Christmas isn’t even originally a Christian holiday, it began as a PAGAN celebration.

    To add, why is it ok for Christmas and Christians to have everything tailored to THEM and THEIR needs, yet someone brings out one song, ruffles your feathers? Jeez, I really hope you don’t know who Tom Lehrer is.

    Fourthly: “If jews like Adam don’t like it then move back to whereever you come from. Israel.” How ignorant is that statment? American history is KNOWN for England’s “discovery” and then slaughter and oppression of the natives. America isn’t even technically OWNED by “Americans”. So telling someone to “move back home” is quite a redundant statement considering the native people of this land probably said the same thing to Columbus and every other British person who killed and maimed their people.

    Fifthly, There’s Christmas carols, why can’t Jewish people have their song for Chanukah. (It’s not spelt hannakka) So he wants to make fellow Jewish people feel ok about not being sheep like the rest of the country, so he wants to have a song in English for Jewish-American children to enjoy and laugh along to because they don’t feel like they’re missing out. Chanukah is it’s OWN festival and has it’s OWN history.

    In conclusion. If you don’t like people expressing their views on their religion, stop jamming yours down others throats. Practice what your preach instead of being a hypocritical Christian. The commendments SAY Love Thy neighbor, you don’t seem to be doing much of that.

    And for the record, Jews believe in God too, we just believe in a different way and level with Jesus. Also, it’s been discovered that Jesus wasn’t even born on December 25th, but in October. The reason it was moved is because in the Eurpoean times when Christmas was taken (yeah, I said it) from Paganism is because October was seen to have too many holidays at the time.

    Learn your history, and practice your scriptures before you start spouting off insults and sounding like a holocaustal 8th grader.

  39. Ric says

    Hey, can anyone transcribe the lyrics so i can read them? I can’t be bothered to watch videos on the interwebs. : )

  40. LisaJ says

    You’re damn right RickrOLL! (#55).

    Byers, you’re a jackass. Give your post at #60 a read over… did you notice the frothing hypocrisy at all? Your post itself had ‘wicked’ sentiment and was seemingly from ‘a hateful heart’. Nothing I’ve heard in either of the two songs we’re discussing has made me want to slap anyone in the face to knock some sense into them like your post makes me want to do to you. Practice that ‘love for others’ that you preach.

  41. Jamie says

    @ 60

    Mom and pop is no longer American. Mom is, Pop is, mom and mom someday, and pop and pop someday, but as we all know marriage is in the shit these days. Also, awful awful awful awful. He was awful.

  42. RickrOll says

    Hey, just fucking ignore Robert. There’s no point in satisfying the masochistic beat-off fantasies that idiots like him all have.

  43. says

    “Piece of Shit Car” is really called “Ode To My Car.” The wrong name is problematic when trying to find something.

    Dan Barker was a Christian song writer and his atheist songs sound about the same. He still gets some royalties from his Christian days.

    Franklin was a Deist. Deism was the logical endpoint to an functional epistemology prior to Darwin. Though D’Holbach and other atheists of the time were sure he was almost there already, there’s no indication that he moved away from Deism.

    The song writer borrowed too much Sandler for the song. It’s a bad parody and doing the voice was horrific and trying to fit the rhymes was good-awful.

  44. Robert Byers says

    From canada
    Your making accusations against my motives and character WELL ME FIRST.
    I accused the motives and character of this Sandler person and before you fire at me you should examine his song and my accusations.
    I stand proudly behind what I said.
    Your answers avoided what i said.
    Are you saying that if I’m right he’s a bad guy indeed and a hater and traitor?
    Or are you saying I’m wrong? If so is it honest error or malice.?

    The song was not for kids missing out. it was a rant against American identity and ethnic american identity kids enjoying a great American festivale. It was not about inclusion but bitter envy against a dominating culture which the rest of the year is not obvious.
    it was about pride of identity and feeling being the loser and no friendship or sense of countrymanship in blessing America in her christian culture.
    America does everything to include Jews in christmas. its not enough because many or most Jews pride is spited by something very American but very unJewish.
    It sticks in their craw and many know it.
    Even at christmas they get top billing because of the story. Not how they see it.
    its about identity and position in American civilization.
    usually they are very prominent but at christmass numbers, 98 %, clobber them into invisability.
    Adams song doesn’t change its Christmass time in America.
    In fact for Jews all year its Christmass time. Another problem.

    Now how about making the top jobs, including agents, in hollywood look like America.
    Is Adam helping or legitamizing lack of diversity.
    more work and less singing.

  45. says

    I think we need a translator in here, Robert Byers again posted a garbled string of words with no apparent meaning.

  46. clinteas says

    Mr Byers,

    you might want to see you local mental health professional.
    Frankly,Im a bit worried about that last comment of yours.

  47. Doo Shabag says

    Robert Byers – please see comment #62.

    Have you listened to the song? Which part of “when you feel like the only kid in town without a Christmas tree, here is a list of people who are Jewish, just like you and me” sounds hateful and traitorous to you?

    A rant against American identity? Do you even have a clue what American identity is? Your comment about “ethnic American identity kids” leads me to believe you don’t, although it is hard to tell because (see comment #62).

    It is not anti-religious or anti-Christian. It’s not even solely about religion or ethnicity, but “Jewish” as an identity, as shown by the line “Harrison Ford is a quarter Jewish”. You can’t be “a quarter” some religion, it isn’t passed genetically, otherwise most atheists in this country would also be 100% Christian. And if it could be passed that way, take it to it’s logical conclusion that everyone is 100% atheist because if you go back enough generations there was likely no belief in a god.

    In fact for Jews all year its Christmass time. Another problem.

    See comments #62 and #78.

    Now how about making the top jobs, including agents, in hollywood look like America.
    Is Adam helping or legitamizing lack of diversity.

    Wait, because he lists a bunch of people who are Jewish by birth or by choice who happen to be in Hollywood, you’re buying into the paranoid theory that Hollywood is “run by Jews”? See comment #62. I suspect he listed so many in show business, because HE is in show business. The song could just as easily have listed Christians, Republicans, or Scientologists. There’s enough from each group to fill a song.

    In conclusion:
    Comment #62.
    Comment #78.

  48. says


    Byers is a glaring example of what stupidity will do to a person turned loose on the intartubes.

    It’s best to just call him an idiot an move on.

    he won’t be back to this thread. He’s purely drive by.

  49. says

    I think we need a translator in here, Robert Byers again posted a garbled string of words with no apparent meaning.

    I’m starting to believe that, in Sunday school, they teach a technique of writing a string of text that superficially resembles a sentence — beginning with a capital letter, ending with a full-stop/period, containing nouns and at least one verb — but impervious to any attempt to extract semantic meaning from it.

    It’s quite a trick.

  50. Karen says

    I thought the song was funny. Wish he’d used his own voice. One Adam Sandler is more than enough!

  51. jkkkk says

    Hanukkah, from the Hebrew word for “dedication” or “consecration”, marks the re-dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem after its desecration by the forces of Antiochus IV and commemorates the “miracle of the container of oil.”According to the Talmud, at the re-dedication following the victory of the Maccabees over the Seleucid Empire, there was only enough consecrated olive oil to fuel the eternal flame in the Temple for one day. Miraculously, the oil burned for eight days, which was the length of time it took to press, prepare and consecrate fresh olive oil.

    An Islamic shrine, the Dome of the Rock, has stood on the site of the Temple since the late 7th Century AD, and the al-Aqsa Mosque, from roughly the same period, also stands on the Temple courtyard.

    Maccabees had the the reason to celebrate Hannukka but how do the present day Jews celebrate Hannukka when the same temple is controlled by a Waqf (an Islamic trust).
    Is not their job to sanctify the temple like Maccabees did and then celebrate Hannukka instead of competing with christians and christmas.

  52. Robert Byers says

    From Canada
    I ‘m working on a song. Snoppy verses Adam Sandler.
    Snoop defends American identity, culture, Christianity, good nature and good fun and good memories and good grief WHATs wrong with these Jews hating Christmas. No they really hate, some of them, Americans and Christmas just makes more pregnant their poverty of numbers and poverty of self esteem in the U.S.A.
    If they don’t like Americans and their children then why did they come and why do they stay. Israel gets a 3 billion gift every year. Why not instead keep the money and the jews immigrate en mass to Israel.
    Now thats a exchange of presents.