1. Azdak says

    Actually, the link to the .mov never really worked for me, anyway (video would stop loading after a few seconds), so the YouTube link was most appreciated.

  2. says

    Oops. I’m still working my way through the comments; I still have 4000 to go. Nothing like being stuck in a boring airport to help get the tedious job of culling spam done.

  3. Patricia says

    What a wonderful piece! The ‘look’ on their faces while hugging was worth the artists trouble.

  4. Rheinhard says

    Actually I like the angry look on the face of the female (more pink == female in Octopi, right?) when she’s preparing to catapult off to f**k up that seagull.

    Octopus knock you out!

  5. says

    I downloaded this a few days ago, it was posted on an illustration blog I follow. I’ve watched it at least a dozen times now, it’s just so cute, the animation is great, and it’s got octopus (anyone else notice they only have 6 arms?).

  6. Amplexus says

    So some squid reproduce by ejaculating on their arms then breaking it off and stuffing it inside of females while holding them down

    That’s like some sort of internet fetish greatest hits.
    It combines amputation fetish with bukakke with fisting and bondage.

    The natural world is far more kinky than we can possibly imagine.

  7. LaTomate says

    I just got back from Siggraph 2008 in LA where it was shown on big screen at the Nokia Theatre (I think it won a prize actually).

    One of my favorite presentations this year!! And of course, first thing I thought of was the Friday Cephalopod :p

  8. Qwerty says

    I didn’t notice until my second viewing that the squids were spitting ink at the driver when he caught them.

    All that work; then, the bastard gull shows up.

    Oh, well, if the French chef doesn’t get you…

  9. Amber says

    I’m glad for the repost. I couldn’t get the video in the original post to play so I would have missed this. Excellent animation and a Pixar quality story short.

  10. Jack Rawlinson says

    God, that makes me want to go back to Greece.

    And eat octopus, I’m ashamed to say.

  11. Lana says

    That was adorable and I love the ending. It allowed me to imagine the seagull getting hit, dropping its dinner and the lovers falling into the sea.

  12. says

    I’m reminded of the joke about the three-legged pig. That’s the sort of cephalopod you don’t eat all at once.