Party in Oklahoma!

All sensible people want to get rid of the shrill kook and raging homophobe Sally Kern from the Oklahoma government — and she has some competition in the coming election. Get out there and party with Ron Marlett at the end of this month, and raise a little money for his campaign!

From Ron Marlett, Democratic candidate

to remove Sally Kern from the public payroll

Dear Friends,

I wanted to let you all know of the “Rock Your Freedom” concert and rally we have scheduled for Saturday, August 30th from noon to whenever the last band hits its last power chord. It will be held at Eldon Lyon Park which is just west of Rockwell Avenue on NW 36th.

For friends living outside of Oklahoma, I offer an opportunity to experience famous Oklahoma hospitiality. Bring sun shade, lawn chairs and kick back and celebrate the freedom of music. We’ll also be raisng our voices to let Sally Kern know that her brand of neo-conservative tyranny will no longer be the rule of this state.

Hope to see you there,

Ron Marlett

If you can’t attend secure contributions can be made from Ron Marlett’s web site. Look for the blue button in the upper right corner. Posted and expanded by Jim Nimmo on his own initiative.


  1. David Grow says

    Yes, welcome home PZ. Second time I’ve said that today. Well, I guess I really mean it. Back OT, Oklahoma state legislator Sally Kern must be voted into more appropriate vocational opportunities. She is a far right religious extremist who has declared herself a culture warrior, a Jihadist for the religious right. Oohh. That’s gotta be a rub. If you haven’t seen the video, please check out the link. She authored, no doubt with some external coahing, the Religious Viewpoints Antidescrimination Act, which would have legaly protected sectarian religious responses to questions on sceince tests(any test)in public schools. The answer “6,000 years because biblical scolars say so” to the question “How old is the earth?” could not be counted wrong in Oklahoma public schools under this legislation. Although I wonder, if the same answer would be incorrect if there was no mention of a religious viewpiont. This insanity passed both houses of the Oklahoma legislature this year but was vetoed by our thinking govenor, having a legitimate concern for our state’s future. While a great many of us appreciate the govenor’s courage and vision, this was too close for comfort. I see the wagon, don’t hear the band yet. Updating a reume isn’t that hard. Lets get behind Sally and give her all the help she needs. Sorry for the visual. David

  2. Sili says

    Is Oklahoma one of those silly places that even vote for dogcatchers?

    Of course, ERV will want to kill me for even suggesting it …