I shall return!

We have had a fabulous week in the Galápagos, and are slowly working our way back — we’re in Quito tonight, getting up for a 4am shuttle to the airport tomorrow morning, with an 8 hour layover in Miami which means we won’t get home to Morris until after midnight. We’re ready to fall over, but look — we’re happy!


The guestbloggers will have to hold down the fort for at least another day, but I’ll be back in action soon with a lot of stuff to report. Patience!

By the way, can any of you name the two famous islands behind us in this picture?


  1. islands says

    That’s easy.

    Scylla and Charybdis. Don’t get near Charybdis, she’s got a mean set of incisors.

    I mean that.

  2. JoJo says

    Neither of them look like Alcatraz, so I don’t know what islands those are. Wight and Man?

  3. Bride of Shrek OM says

    That’s the most relaxed I’ve ever seen PZ in a photo. Obviously the tropics suit him. We’ve got plenty of universities near beaches here in Australia PZ who would love to have more godless liberals on staff, tempting no?

  4. says

    Sure I can name them. How about “Patrick” and “Henry”? It’s surprising that they haven’t already been named, but I’m pleased to provide this service.

  5. K says

    Joke’s on you, man. Fay says that if you can get IN to Miami, layover is going to be a lot longer than 8 hours.

  6. SEF says

    @ Zombie #12: Whereas I was thinking something more like “Aarrgghh, oh no, PZ’s gone native (crazy religious explorer-y) with that hat”.

  7. JessieColt says

    Hey, if you are stuck in Miami that long, you should take a run up to JREF while you are in the area.

    At least you can ride out some of the rain away from the airport while you are stuck in town.

  8. El Herring says

    Galap and Agos?

    OK so my geography’s terrible, but at least I know it’s impossible to see both the Isles of Wight and Man at the same time (unless you’re in orbit!)

  9. says

    Yep, that’s Daphne Major and Minor.

    The storm is a little worrisome — I’m ready to be home. Running up to JREF would be silly, though. I’ve been hanging out with Phil Plait and James Randi all week long.

  10. terrylong says

    Oh noes! The iguanas are evolving into primates.

    That would be Cuba and Manhattan.

  11. mothra says

    Ya mean, it’s not 2035 (or there abouts), the asteroid didn’t hit, subsequent ice cap melt didn’t re-create the Zuni sea, you’re not in Wyoming, and those are not Laramie Peak (left) and Devil’s tower (right)? MR PEABODY, CHECK THE SETTINGS ON THE WAY-BACK MACHINE!!

  12. szqc, a FCD says

    ElfEye @ #8 for the thread win…

    But PZ still doesn’t have Matt N’s “great hair”. He at least learned to hide it under a hat.

    On the other hand, cuddling the Trophy Wife (TM) is a huge step up from than Prof. SteveSteve as per Matt’s “angry atheist” photo of PZ awhile back.

    (on a serious note, that is truly a lovely photo – thanks for sharing that one with your minions, official and not, PZ)

  13. LwPhD says

    I’m guessing Daphne Major and Minor. 4th independent suggestion. Probably a good bet. Yup, the pictures appear to match.

    Now that’s a question I’d like to see on Jeopardy.

  14. LwPhD says

    Ugh. Preview changes HTML escape character to the real ones. Try again:

    I’m guessing Daphne Major and Minor. <reads other posts> 4th independent suggestion. Probably a good bet. <checks wiki> Yup, the pictures appear to match.

    Now that’s a question I’d like to see on Jeopardy.

  15. Karen says

    PZ, Trophy Wife looks more relaxed than in any other photo you’ve shown of her. Either she’s getting to be a damn good actress, or this kind of vacation suits her. I recommend many more such trips in the future.

  16. Ian H Spedding FCD says

    Nice hat. Still need leather jacket, bullwhip and revolver.

    Islands? Tracy and Gilligan’s?

  17. Bee says

    Trophy Wife does indeed look relaxed and happy – you too, PZed. But you need a deeper dent in the crown of that hat, fer petesake, poke it down some!

  18. Logicel says

    PZ, you looked just great in that photo! So glad you could relax and do interesting stuff (and with your wife also). Change of pace, and all that, does wonders.

  19. DiscoveredJoys says

    Islands? How anthropomorphic. They are just a couple of blank places in the ocean where squid don’t go.

  20. Ian says

    PZ, you crackers up….

    Obviously one of the islands is the Island of Doubt, as I’m sure James Hrynyshyn will confirm. This means that the other has to be the Island of Certainty. Where do I pick up my i-(sland)Pod?

  21. firemancarl says

    I just saw this post, but I coulda sworn it was the twin islands of Ahcomeoniwannalayya. Meh, I think that by posting the picture of you and your trophy wife you are just trying to drive the fundies into a wee snit.

    Welcome back.

  22. BobC says

    Just for the information of anyone who might be flying into Miami today, flight delays are certain there, it’s raining hard in all of south florida, and tornados are expected in Miami.

  23. firemancarl says

    Just for the information of anyone who might be flying into Miami today, flight delays are certain there, it’s raining hard in all of south florida, and tornados are expected in Miami.

    Right now it’s nice and sunny here in Daytona Beach.

  24. Santiago says

    Hovering Islands, you’re doing it right!

    Surely I’m not the first to notice that the islands look like they’re distinctly disconnected with the ocean right?

    Anyone know the explanation behind the effect? I’m guessing air at different temperatures is bending the light from the base of the islands, like a mirage in a dessert, but it might be something different.

  25. Longtime Lurker says

    I would have said Island of Misfit Toys and Monster Island.
    PZ and his Trophy Wife look very cute… surely a facade to mask their eee-vil from real godly ‘Murkins.

  26. David Grow says

    Seems I always get to a thread a little late. Answer of Daphne Major and Minor already given. Picture was taken looking northwest from the island of Baltra (extra credit points?). Anybody wanna say why Daphne Major is famous? Very much look forward to your report. Welcome home. David

  27. negentropyeater says

    Anybody wanna say why Daphne Major is famous?

    from wikipeda (not that I knew it before you raised the queston):

    “An intensive study of Darwin’s Finches was conducted here by biologists Peter and Rosemary Grant over a period of 20 years. They examined the behaviour and life cycles of finches, with the results strongly supporting Darwin’s theory of evolution their efforts were documented in the Pulitzer Prize winning book The Beak of the Finch.”