Nexus in the clear

You may recall that there were some concerns about the motives and legitimacy of a social networking site, Atheist Nexus. Those concerns have been resolved to my satisfaction — it was simply a case of a recent apostate who had left a confusing trail of both religious and unreligious comments — and I’ve signed up myself.

Uh-oh. Suddenly, all these people on Atheist Nexus want to be my friend, but there’s no single page to review friend requests, so I’d have to go through them all one by one, which would be so tedious. Somebody tell me if there is a more efficient way…alternatively, send me a comment on Atheist Nexus — the comment page does make it easy to add new friends.


  1. says

    Thanks for the follow up PZ. I think I will nominate you as high priest of Atheist Nexus. For nothing else, it would be fun to watch serve unholy communion.

    Also, Mike, it is good to neglect facebook. Keep it in the family! If Christians kids can watch crappy shows like Veggie Tales and Christian teens can listen to Stryper, surely we can tolerate Atheist Nexus as an half decent alternative. ;>

  2. Runningman says

    How nice. I’m officially classified as a Jehovah’s Witness apostate. I’m one step below demon. It’s quite an honour.

    I do understand how the confusion could arise under the circumsances.

  3. says

    I joined but haven’t been on it much due to work on my dissertation. I’ll try and carve out a few minutes to see what is being discussed. Thanks for the update

  4. Sir Jebbington says

    Now a surge of people will come to the site because you did.
    Your “minions” as some would call them.

  5. clinteas says

    I will say what I said before,

    I would dread a pure atheist social networking site,leaves out significant amounts of the female population,and yeah,ok,call me a pig,but to me networking is not about finding people to talk about epigenetics with lol…
    So,Im sure atheist chicks are hot and all,but the concept doesnt work for me,and on a serious note,I did notice the comments the guy who runs the site wrote in the past,and despite what PZ says,Im not giving my personal info to a site I dont trust.

  6. John Phillips, FCD says

    I am with Capital Dan on this, just not my type of thing, I know, I know, just an old fogey :) Then again, as Groucho said; “I would not join any club that would have someone like me for a member.”

  7. craig says

    I thought social networking sites would be annoying like Myspace, and being an anti-social shut-in mental nutcase loser, felt I’d have no need of one.
    Then I found out about Prolific (previously known as Bogglific) on Facebook. Suddenly I saw the reason behind social networking – I use Prolific religiously.

    So this Atheist Nexus thingie has Prolific, right?

  8. Simon Coude says

    Well, I can always use Nexus and Facebook at the same time.

    Double the waste of time, yay!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this website with us PZ. We’re never too careful.

  9. says

    Whoah, a lot of people funneled to the site suddenly.

    Just a notice that the site is not meant to be a facebook clone. We’ve got various ideas and we’d love to hear how it can be more useful to Atheists. So if you think something, let us know ;)

  10. LisaJ says

    Nice to see you joining PZ! That can only be good news for this site’s popularity. I’ve been on there for a couple of weeks, and while frankly I’ve spent most of my time reading papers instead of purusing the site, it seems like it has potential to lead to lots of interesting conversations, and it’s been fun so far.

    Although, I have noticed, as someone above kinda alluded to, that only men have asked to be my friends. haha, anymore females planing to join the site? Don’t worry PZ, even though you’re a guy I’ll leave a comment on your page and you are free to add me.

  11. says

    I had a profile there, but deleted it. I may join up again, though.

    When I would log into the site at the very top of the page there was a collapsible menu which would show me all of my friend requests when I click on it, so you don’t have to respond to each email request.

  12. Snitzels says

    I’m rather enjoying that site, and I seem to be the only one in my town that has joined. Is very nice to see all the different groups.

  13. says

    Seems a lot more user freindly than Blogger, but isnt everyting.

    It’s not in the same niche as Blogger. It’s a social network, not a blogging platform.

  14. says

    PZ: i’m going to post your issue with multi-friending (or the lack thereof) in our support forum. you raise a valid point for esteemed personages such as yourself. one-at-a-time is tedious at best. thank you for friending me in the meantime, however. that was very kind of you!

  15. Patricia says

    I’ll be staying here. :) Those sign in things baffle me. Hell, I’ve been trying to leave JefferyD a comment on his blog for nine days. I’m hopeless.
    Besides, PZ let’s us use potty words, food fight, & call naughty names! I just love recess!!

  16. jmd says

    Well, if you’re all so afraid of it becoming a sausage fest, then I guess I ought to join.

    This had better be waaaaaay better than Facebook, though.

  17. says

    Well, I suppose I’d join if I thought there was a single thing I could get out of it that I wasn’t already getting via Facebook. I joined up to Dawkins social site when it was launched, but it was so lame I haven’t logged on in over a year and have no plans to in the foreseeable future. I mean, it’s nice that someone wants to create a networking site for atheists exclusively, and more power to them. I just don’t see what I’d get out of it, and the intarweebs are already enough of a time-sink as it is.

  18. Orson Zedd says

    Thank science for PZ’s endorsement. Those who don’t see the use for this, obviously don’t live in overtly religious communities.

  19. shonny says

    Ugh, NOT a good idea joining that.
    Has been contacted by a WOMAN! eek:
    Don’t them kritters know I don’t do woman things??
    Not any more anyway.
    And no, that DC thing has never been on, sorry to disappoint :=)