1. GirBoBytons says

    Well thats not fair! I have nothing to do with blogging…but damn it, you’re my hero PZ notice me too!!! Why does he get all the credit for wanting to be noticed by you?? :P

  2. black wolf says

    That will look good on his CV:
    July, 2008 – PZ Myers noticed me.

    Personnel guy: Ok, who’s PZ Myers?
    Copache: He’s a real scientist, and his blog is bigger than mine. In fact, it’s also bigger than yours.
    Personnel guy: You looked at my blog? Wow, you’re hired.

  3. says

    One thing that works is to actually meet PZ and speak to him. He will most likely respond to a “Hello, my name is ____ , how’s it goin?” with something. After that you can say something clever, or something incredibly dumb and inane. Worked for me.


  4. says

    Also… I meant to add. I never noticed PZ or read Pharyngula until I actually met him. That was about 3 years ago now. Perhaps he was less noticeable then.


  5. says

    The way for a Z-list blogger to get PZ to notice you (and drive your blog stats into the stratosphere for one day) is to trek out to Morris and visit him personally, bribe him with beer (though these days, holy objects for him to desecrate would probably work too), and write it up on your blog. Worked for me.

  6. clinteas says

    Call me cruel,

    I have thought about writing a blog many times.
    If youre going to do it,be original,write about stuff that interests people,give your own perspective,be yourself !
    Dont just go whoring to other peoples blogs.

  7. says

    Actually (I was 99% joking in the comment above) comments on your posts are far better as a measure of success than hit counts. A comment shows that your writing worked, in that it made someone else think enough to respond. It’s like getting your paper cited.

  8. says

    Heh. I think it would be better if PZ didn’t notice me, as the acknowledgment will only reflect badly on him.

  9. Ray says

    I just got drunk at McMenamins in Seattle and shook his hand. He noticed me, but wouldn’t know me from Adam if he saw me on the street. Which is fine. The shadows have a very nice view of the PZ Myers stage. It’s quite entertaining!

  10. GirBoBytons says

    Well I was kind of joking…kind of not. hehe. I have a blog on my myspace but I feel like its really only interesting for people who actually know me. Even though my next entry will probably be links to all the research I have done and good pod casts and blogs for those who are atheists or interested in learning why I am….PZ’s blog will be one of my first links. ;)

  11. says

    I wouldn’t merit notice
    If I someday pied the POTUS
    But if PZ Myers tags my blog, it’s time to pop the cork!
    While the president, disgustered,
    Wiped his face to rid the custard
    I’d be saddled with a hit count that would rival old New York–

    Well, to tell the truth (he boasted)
    There was one verse PZ posted
    ‘Bout the death of Gary Aldridge, while all tied up like a dog–
    But I saw no rise in visits
    (Which just isn’t fair, now is it?)
    Cos he posted it about a week before I made my blog!


  12. clinteas says

    //The shadows have a very nice view of the PZ Myers stage. It’s quite entertaining!//

    Meaning what exactly,Ray ?

  13. says

    GirBoBytons – but people who don’t currently know you can can get to know you online!

    I don’t mean to pressure you to link your blog if it’s sensitive and personal – but otherwise, why not? There are enough people out there that you’ll get readers. You shouldn’t hide your talents under a bushel, or whatever that goddy saying is.

  14. says

    Ironically, I have the feeling that this very blog post will start a trend that will last for at least a month. :D

  15. GirBoBytons says

    Well I suppose you’re right. I suppose what could it hurt but once some people decide to take a gander they cant come back saying I didnt warn them that its a lot of pointless dribble. hehe. Heres a link to my myspace and you can access the blog from there. I wont say all of it is crap…just most of it. :P Hey and PZ if you wanna comment on how bad it sucks I would allow that comment so I can go and tell people my hero told me how bad I suck! :P

  16. Gary says

    Hey PZ. I quit posting to my blog about a year ago. If you promise to notice me, I’ll start back up.

  17. says

    After approving 22 comments…

    I’m happy I finally got noticed, even if I did have to ask for it. On my highest day prior I got 395 hits, and my total hits as of yesterday was about 3500.

    As of right now I stand at 3174 views for today alone and 7400 total.

    Just holy shit…

    I was exercising on the stationary bike whilst playing Frets on Fire (for one hour, body and mind shit, y’know?) and I kept noticing that Mail was going up from 3690 fast as hell… it reached 3703 before the hour of exercising was up.

    What a pleasant surprise!

  18. ajani57 says

    @14 The real way to get noticed is through Photoshop.

    Posted by: Dave W. | July 17, 2008 11:02 AM

    Good picture btw, but pshaw! I entered a Photoshop contest earlier this week over at Clicked, my second favorite blog. Haven’t heard a word from him even though I’m the only entrant. Plus he only posted my rescinded sentence. So sad. Trying to get noticed by them.

    All in jest, congrats to the noticed one!

  19. says

    I think we’re on a good path when people consider a scientist an idol instead of, dunno, Paris Hilton…

  20. E.V. says

    Miss Prism,
    Your song was charming, I know it was a very earnest effort. Say hello to Lady Bracknell for me.

  21. says

    #32: I’ve always been a science person. Read Phil’s site from 2003 and then his blog, found PZ from Phil’s blog, enjoy PZ’s blog more now.

    Sorry Phil D:

  22. GirBoBytons says

    Well you started it PZ now you have turned us all into a bunch of needy bitches. hehe. Now tell us how proud you are of us and that you won’t miss another dance recital! Oh and by the way I have been reading this blog for a while just never commented until the whole cracker debacle of ’08 but I wanted to say, thanks PZ you have made work much more bareable and entertaining!
    Ps.I wont have the atheist rant on my blog till tonight…IT people at work are no fun and block myspace. hehe.

  23. says

    So that is how it works…
    I ahve a scarlt A on my blog too and I am noticeworthy too.. plus I know a few Octopus jokes… please notice me, please notice me….

  24. says

    I was ecstatic when PZ joined my facebook group. But I wasn’t so ecstatic as to write an entire blogpost bragging about it. Geez.

    (Thanks for teh notice, by the way) ;)

  25. says

    I posted on my blog the letter I wrote to Pres. Bruininks supporting P.Z.; seeing as how I tried to relate truthfully the effect that P.Z.’s online efforts have had on my education, and to support my assertion that P.Z., with his ambassadorship to the masses, is building a legacy as a science writer and popularizer, I hope it doesn’t count as pathetic that I hope P.Z. notices it here.

  26. Simon Coude says

    #34 : I found PZ from Phil’s blog too. In fact, I accidently found Phil blog and it addicted me to blogs.

    But I still can’t forgive you for giving up on Astronomy and Physics. Biology… *shivers*

    At least cephalopods are cool.

  27. says

    I got noticed for things like reading Danny Dunn (YA sf novels that PZ used to enjoy as much as me, except that the science in them is terrible!). And for riffing off a cat fight between PZ and Chris Mooney with photo stills from Dynasty and Kids in the Hall.

    I guess I haven’t done anything serious since my Tiktaalik post.

  28. says


    I am a minister in the Universal Life Church. If you notice me, I will perform the Right of Universal Purity (I just made it up, but it works) on a box of Ritz Crackers and send the box to you. Then, you may destroy all of them in imaginative and interesting ways, all the while being able to say “These are consecrated crackers!”. Then, after all the hubbub plays out and you get a couple more idiots fired, you can tell the truth. “Actually, an atheist consecrated them”.

    All for the low price of noticing me. But I feel I must say what “noticing” means. That consists of using the phrase “I accept Russell into my heart, and will strive to live my life according to the precepts of Russellism”. I think you will find my yoke is light, as I am a libertarian at heart and think people should do whatever they want as long as you don’t hurt anyone else.

    See, everyone wins. I gain a follower, you gain a bunch of consecrated crackers, and… well, I guess the catholics lose. Too bad.


  29. GirBoBytons says

    #32 I dont think people look at Paris Hilton as an idol. I think the people who are obsessed with pop culture idolize whichever celebrity has their pictures in magizines most, at the time. Not saying that is any better but it seems that way to me. For someone to truly idolize someone like Paris Hilton is a sickening thought. I mean thats like idolizing something that stands for nothing, that doesnt exsist, that has no basis or substance except that its been talked about a lot, some invisible man in the sky and how many people could buy that crap? ….DOH!

  30. says

    I post here too and rarely get noticed very often and no one here has posted on my LJ. Then again that’s probably because I don’t say much of anything that anyone disagrees with and would post a response and my LJ is a bit dull. I admit that. It’s not like I do anything to warrant much attention. I think this guy is a little narcissistic and looking for attention.

  31. says

    I don’t even know how much I get noticed. But then I tend to blog rarely, and can’t be arsed to include the link in the comment field 99% of the time. If I did get noticed then I’d actually have to produce content and stuff, and I’m not sure I want the pressure.

  32. says

    Pfft, looking for attention? Are you kidding me? I’ve done a fair amount that is worthy of attention, and felt unappreciated. So I asked PZ for help, in a bit of an obtuse way, and got said help.

    Everybody is a critic!

    I expected these reactions, and all I can say is… next time I get a mention here (read: never) it will be for something great. Like doing a gigantic write up of the creation museum with pictures and everything.

    I live like 3-4 hours away, so it’s not too hard to get there.

    Can’t we all just get along, here?

  33. Christophe Thill says

    Ahhh…. sooo that’s what this crazy Republican meant whan he talked about PZ and his “followers”…

  34. Canuck says

    As for the Science applications. I use Atom in a Box on my Mac now. Having in my shirt pocket (especially if there were a bluetooth link to a data projector) would be great. I’d also use the RPN calculator. I have a couple of HPs and wouldn’t think of using anything else. The virtual HP would be fine though.

  35. says


    One thing that works is to actually meet PZ and speak to him. He will most likely respond to a “Hello, my name is ____ , how’s it goin?” with something.

    I did exactly that, but later that night I got arrested. Maybe PZ is the devil. :-)

  36. Qwerty says

    Actually, we should thank PZ for helping us notice things we may have overlooked in the world. Like the reposting of the “dinosaur lungs” post in which bird lungs are compared to dinosaur lungs.

    I also like to read his postings on Creationist stupidity. If PZ has any prejudice, it seems to be against stupidity.

    CRACKER COMMENTATORS: Look at some of the other earlier and non-religious postings. Even if you are not a scientist (I am not.), these are interesting if not always understandable for the lay person.

  37. says

    Oh … sure. He plugs Tangled Bank and I got about 10 hits- 2 comments. I jump over there and comments are in the 60’s !! It’s not fair!! Stomps away! :-(

    (Does whining work?)
    Actually my blog is pretty lame. LoL

  38. says

    Zero @ #59:

    I feel cheated.

    I rushed to your site, looking for a “pop up squid”. I leaned far back in my chair, so as not to be smacked in the face with squiddy goodness, only to find some sort of Mad Scientist instruction manual for building squids at home or work. Out of paper. You, sir, are a fraud.

    Admittedly, the tortoise porn was titillating, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the disquidappointment.

    Yrs &tc.,

  39. says

    This is infuriating. After trying for well over a year to get some legitimate notice, I now see that I should have just written a post begging for attention at the foremost atheist blog.

    If nothing else, this has shown me the futility in continuing to try. I’d been thinking about shutting down my own blog for some time now. Thank you, Copache, for showing me that there was no reason to keep up reading and writing meaningful content.

    So I posted my farewell post and am washing my hands at it. I feel reborn (in a purely secular sense, of course).

  40. Martin says

    Ponzo, if you’re blogging to get a lot of people to notice you, as opposed to blogging to please the people who do notice you, I think you haven’t got quite the right mindset.

  41. says

    As far as getting PZ to notice me, I have found that sincerely giving a rip about science education, actively and publicly opposing creationism in my area—-and being a shameless publicity whore has been most helpful.

    More seriously, I appreciate the fact that PZ is willing to get down in the trenches and offer assistance to people who care about science. Also, beer is good.

  42. says

    I guess this all comes down to the many & varied reasons that people have for blogging, doesn’t it? because we: want to say something to a wider circle than we can reach face-to-face, &/or want people to hear what we’re saying, &/or write for enjoyment, &/or like the thought that there’s this huge potential readership out there (& the thought itself may be enough to keep you going), &/or [insert own reason here].

    Or all of the above.

  43. Dave says

    So you don’t believe in the consecrated host. Fine, but why offend so many people? Cook should know that by being Catholic he was supposed to eat it right there and then because of people like you and others (satanic rituals)who want to defame it. What do you have to gain from such an abuse of other people’s beliefs? It just seems like such a childish way to get attention. You know for sure that there is not a God? You better sure hope not or else you will have eternity to contemplate it. Christ said- “take this and eat it, this is my body” he did not say this is a symbol of my body. You have no idea what you are about to do. If you don’t believe in Catholic doctrine then don’t, but to promote such offensive acts is just childish. All this coming from a grown man. Pathetic-

  44. themadlolscientist, FCD says

    “Krollateral damage” ROFLMAO! That is sooooooooooo full of WIN!!!1!

  45. Charlie Foxtrot says

    Well, I don’t know about being personally noticed, but I have been trying to get PZ to notice this stupid show we have here in Oz now…“The One”

    Seems like a great candidate for some serious Pharygulation, IMHO. Its even got a poll.

    I don’t know – maybe you lot have so many ‘Psychic reality’ shows in America that you have become more lackadaisical about it. Personally, knowing this crap is warping minds across Oz gets so far up my nose my eyeballs hurt…

    ok, rant over. Thank you for your time…
    Ob squid content – link

  46. says

    This guy has a lot of content, bud. I like to spread it out so I don’t drown my readers, is that such a bad thing? Sure, I don’t have ten lumps of absolute quality, but I make up for it in the over-fifty posts of various quality. :)

  47. eyesoars says

    PZ, I expect you to start upping your price now. Start with something reasonable, maybe, like a case of your favorite beer delivered by your local distributor. Then start working your way up… Make them pay! Mwahahaha!


  48. themadlolscientist, FCD says

    aarrgghh asks:

    so does coining new words get one noticed?

    It does if some raving crazy person Stumbles you! (Hmmmmm….. I wonder who’d do such a thing?)

    That ought to give you an idea of just how full of WIN “krollateral damage” and “Chuckroll” are (IMO anyway). Can an Urban Dictionary entry be far behind? :-)

  49. Dustin says

    krollateral damage

    I’m going to use that instead of Leroy Jenkins from now on because it’s funnier and because fuck WoW.

  50. says

    Is that all it takes?

    Is that all it takes?

    Well if that’s all it takes, then let’s keep blogging.

    Let’s post about loons and cretin trolls.

    If that’s all it takes.

    (Link in sig.)

  51. says

    (The edit should be obvious.)

    Is that all it takes?

    Is that all it takes?

    Well if that’s all it takes PZ, then I’ll keep blogging.

    I’ll post about loons and cretin trolls.

    If that’s all it takes.

    (Link in sig.)

  52. Ponzo says

    @65, Martin:

    On the contrary, I did not start blogging just to get noticed, and perhaps I was unclear. However, without having traffic, there is little point in blogging.

    It was Copache and his stunt that reduced this to its least common denominator, as it were: begging for attention rather than doing something legitimate to deserve attention.

    So, yeah, I admit that I am disillusioned right now. I had hoped that something I wrote would earn the attention of someone else in this section of the blogosphere, and then I could get some readers. Readers, mind you; not adoring fans.

    And I have a feeling, based on the tone in some comments here and at Copache’s site, that I have merely been willing to verbalize directly what others are thinking about this.

  53. says

    Are you fucking delusional? God damn Ponzo, read some of the comments at my blog! People generally seem to hate this because they were directed to the NOTICE ME post instead of one of actual substance.

    Not that I have a problem with it, quite the contrary, I can take the heat, but it’s just stupid at this point. I’m not a bad guy, and I’m not just a guy who started a blog three days ago that wants attention.

    I have legit reasons for vocalizing, and if just one person out of those twelve thousand people enjoyed my blog for even one post, I feel as if I’ve done a good job. My highest in one day was 395 prior, and my average is 20 between posts, and over 100 after posting. Reason being, I wrote about what I liked and quite enjoyed humoring people who are like-minded.

    So what the fuck man, does this make me a bad person? Does this make my blog shit?

  54. says

    Dude, Ponzo, you are such a blogging buzzkill. This was a brilliant idea that worked and rather funny. It certainly was a nice break from the Catholic cracker ordeal. Get a grip, move on.