Any grad students or post-docs reading this site?

Social networking sites are getting to be a dime-a-dozen — I’m getting invitations to join new ones all the time. Here’s one that gets at least one thing right: Graduate Junction. They are specifically aimed at a narrow clientele, which at least adds a little focus to their group. In this case, it’s a network for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers — at least they’ve all got shared goals and shared miseries they can talk about.


  1. molecanthro says

    I joined this site last week…it’s still pretty new so not enough people yet. So everyone needs to join if they’re a grad student and spread the word around.
    It has great potential I think…since there are groups for things like ‘evolutionary genetics’ and more can be created. Also, the best thing, which should be implemented soon, is a section on conferences. I always hate showing up to those things not knowing anyone and this could be a good way to meet people and arrange meetings in person.

    And, though OT, there’s another potentially great one at
    It’s also very new but seems to be growing fast. I think I’ll stop using myspace and facebook (which I only use to talk to people I knew years ago anyway) in favor of these two which are more relevant and focused.

  2. says

    I joined the Atheist Nexus a couple days ago and already have a good discussion on jobs in atheism going on! It looks very promising. Anyone joining feel free to add me as a friend!

  3. co says

    Thanks for that heads-up, PZ, and to molecanthro and k. zelnio for the Atheist Nexus sites. I’ve already joined the GJ (anyone here interested in physical acoustics, network theory, lithic analysis, biophysics, statistical physics, etc.?) and may join AN, too.

  4. Your PI says

    Get off Teh Interwebs and get back to work! Finish that assay. I want to discuss the collated results with you in my office before noon.

  5. says

    The only *useful* social networking site that I’ve seen is LinkedIn. Sure, Facebook is a fun way to share photos, but you wouldn’t want an employer to see the crap people write on your Wall. But my wife and I both found jobs through LinkedIn.


  6. Jim RL says

    Thanks for pointing this out. I just set up and account. There aren’t a lot of members yet, but this could be really cool.

  7. windy says

    Get off Teh Interwebs and get back to work! Finish that assay. I want to discuss the collated results with you in my office before noon.

    Heh, I was just going to ask if the Graduate Junction features automated “get back to work!” warnings.

  8. says

    About to finish a Master’s degree, not in biology though (which is a minor to me); I’ll probably pick biology up as a third study after having obtained my degree.

    And this junction(junktion?) site does not appeal to me at all. Yours however does!

  9. KF says

    My wife is going to love this. Now I can complain about my captivity to someone other than her.

  10. LisaJ says

    Thanks alot for linking to this PZ. I’ve joined up – loks like it has lots of potential!

  11. Donovan says

    I would like a site for those of us still plugging through undergrad, as well. As site where we could discuss Academia with grad students, post docs, and professors, and gain some insight into our future fields.

  12. says

    Well I joined under the name “SomeDanGuy”. I figured we might want to see what other readers are signing up, so I made a group called “Pharyngulites” if anyone wants to join that. I’d be interested to see the research interests represented by readers here.