The perils of travel

I’ve made the journey to Seattle (actually, Auburn, where many of my family members live), and have discovered that access to the internet is spotty in the west coast suburbs — there are wireless servers everywhere, but at the same time, everyone has gotten savvy and protects them with a password. How cruel! Fortunately, I’ve talked one of my nephews into handing out their home network password to a known internet provocateur, so maybe I’ll have some access this week.

Alas, I’m too late to remind you of Atheists Talk radio — I’m sorry if you missed it, but really, it should be a habit by now. Catch it on their podcast instead!

It’s not too late to remind all that I’ll be speaking before the Northwest Science Writers Association tomorrow, Monday, 2 June, from 7-9pm at the Pacific Science Center Laser Dome. Come on out! I don’t have any other specific plans, so if anyone wanted to grab me and drag me out to a pub afterwards, I could be willingly abducted. Make suggestions for specific places in the comments — someplace near the Science Center and not too far from public transit, please — and we’ll do it.

If you can’t stand me, maybe you’ll like Carl Zimmer better. He’s talking on Tuesday at Town Hall Seattle. It’s $5 admission! My talk is free…now I feel so cheap.

I’ll also be speaking on Friday at the Seattle Skeptics, but you’ll need to buy a $30+ dinner to hear that one, and you’ll need to make reservations soon. A-ha — I’ve one-upped Carl!


  1. says

    Portlanders can also see Carl Zimmer–for free!–tonight at Powell’s Books at 7:30 p.m. See you there… I’ll be the hyperventilating fangirl with a copy of Parasite Rex.

  2. Owlmirror says

    Say, what’s this?

    McMenamins Queen Anne

    In the shadow of the Space Needle and just a block from the Seattle Center, McMenamins Queen Anne services the lower Queen Anne neighborhood. This is a McMenamins that is never lonely for company. Inside, three mural-painted fermenting tanks guard the kitchen door in a back corner. More McMenamins artwork adorns the walls of this comfortable place where friends and families gather before taking in a Seattle Sonics game at Key Arena.

    Classics such as raspberry-tinged Ruby, medium-bodied Hammerhead and dark, strong Terminator Stout are always available. Edgefield wines and spirits round out the choices and, if that wasn’t enough, our menus feature classic pub fare with a Northwest kick!

  3. Gregory Kusnick says

    McMenamin’s (on Roy) and TS McHugh’s (on Mercer) are two places that come to mind in the immediate Seattle Center vicinity. South of the Center, in Belltown, bars tend more toward the hip singles scene. Down at my end of town, near Pioneer Square, there are a couple of Irish pubs and numerous sports bars, but that’s over a mile from Seattle Center, probably farther than you want to go unless you’re planning a drunken midnight raid on the DI.

  4. Matlatzinca says

    Near the PacSciCtr I like the idea of McMenamins. A more unique beer experience to the Pacific Northwest than TS McHugh’s. We know that’s really why you came here, right?

  5. says

    I’ll be speaking before the Northwest Science Writers Association tomorrow, Monday, 2 June, from 7-9pm at the Pacific Science Center Laser Dome.

    PZ has a laser, and he’s not afraid to use it!

  6. Vagrant says

    There’s plenty of free software out there that will crack WEP passwords while-you-wait….

  7. says

    I would have to hitchhike ninety miles, then get back Monday night to work on Tuesday. Damn this job and it’s blasted responsibility.

  8. Sean Olsen says

    P.Z., my wife and I are driving up from Salem Oregon to see you speak at the Science Center. We can help with the beer drinking part. Got to love the Pacific Northwest for the beer and cephalopods.

  9. Brandon Peters says

    Has the Atheist talk radio improved in quality? The last time I checked out the podcast I could barely stand how terrible it sounded.

  10. says

    I’ll be there (Monday, Tuesday and Friday). Like PZ, I hope the drinking spot is close to public transport: when I moved to Seattle, I sold my car because I never used it.

  11. SF Reader says

    Brandon, yes, Atheist Talk Radio recently upped the bps of their feed. They no longer emulate the delicate ambience of AM radio!


  12. Ann says

    As a non-scientist who primarily lurks, I feel rather like an interloper–but I’ll be at the talk tonight and I’d like to join you at McMenamin’s. I suppose I should just join the cluster of hangers-on around Prof PZ?

  13. Chris Mitchell says

    PZ..I’ll be there tonight…also, you’re more than welcome to join Seattle Drinking Liberally on Tuesday night…we start at 8 and go to 11 PM at the Montlake Alehouse…same place as the last time you visited us.