1. says

    I just saw this cartoon a few minutes ago and spluttered my Cheerios over the breakfast table. I thought, “Oh, PZ has got to see this!” And, as God intended, he did.

    Now … what’s that on the ground right behind God?

  2. Kyle says

    Absolutely hilarious.

    I also love the stick of dynamite behind the sign.

  3. says

    Dan Piraro has a blog? Oh deary me, I think I may swoon.

    Ooh, and it gets even better with this bit from the first blog entry:

    I had a blog on MySpace for a while and it made my colon throb. And not in a good way. So, at the helpful advice of many of you, my readers, I abandoned it like the religion I was raised in and moved over to Blogger. I pray to the multitude of gods I no longer believe in (proud atheist) that it treats me – and you – well.

  4. The Other Dan from Milwaukee says

    The pie (and the bird, alien, etc.) are sort of a long in-joke for the readers of his cartoon – or maybe it promotes his books. I forget. Great cartoon though.

  5. says

    Dan includes a small number of recurring Secret Symbols in his cartoons. Note the small number above his signature (“3” in this comic). That tells you how many symbols to look for.

  6. says

    I see the pie and the dynamite. I still don’t know what’s behind him or the significance fo the dynamite.

  7. Tony says

    There is no significance, just Piraro adding his Secret Symbols, like the eyeball behind Gawd.

  8. Greg Esres says

    Here are the symbols…

    None of them appear to be dynamite. I interpret the dynamite to be the explosive potential of neuroscience to show that God really is in the brain.

  9. says

    Sure, but you know some are only going to complain that God is also in the human heart.

    These ideas are extremely malleable, meaning that often the fact that God is “in our minds” is pretended to be evidence that the idea of God is an innate concept which is due to, yes, God.

    Glen Davidson

  10. chief says

    Fantastic — that was one of my favorite questions to ask in high school: “Did God create man in his own image, or did Man create god in his own image?”

  11. Crudely Wrott says

    Hey! Piraro stole my idea! I drew this cartoon years ago while I was under the influence of mumble.

    What? It’s not a personally unique and paradigm shifting idea? But I thought at the time that . . . never mind. I’ll just have to start all oven now. Damn.

  12. Rebecca says

    An atheist-vegan website in easy-to-digest blog form? This is bad news for my productivity quotas.

  13. Carlie says

    Yea! I used to love his comic, but lost track of it quite some time ago. Now that it’s back in my consciousness, and with a blog, huzzah.

  14. says

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  15. Sven DiMilo says

    re: Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons
    Here is a link that works…I…I have no words. David Marjanović, you must see this.

  16. Sven DiMilo says

    huh, thanks, I missed it. Amazing stuff over there.
    Virgin Mary : tortilla :: sea dragons : quartz

  17. Kaddath says

    Just saw the same comic by Bizzaro in the Vancouver Sun… that guy is really funny, with very witty stuff….

  18. brokenSoldier says

    Is it just me, or does it look like that Seazoria guy had a third grader render his sketches? I mean, if you’re going to rise to that high of a level of bullshit, with a webpage and all, it seems that you’d at least try hitting up the high school art classes first.

  19. says

    I think the Seazoria guy goes quite well with the Bizarro cartoon. Both are about mistaking the external world with the internal world and “seeing” things that aren’t there.

  20. RAM says

    That Seazoria site really can’t be for real, is it? I just went over and looked at it and nearly fell out of my chair laughing!

  21. Crudely Wrott says

    Seazoria Bizzaro
    Beazoria Sizzaro
    Si, Zoria, Be Zorro
    Bizoria Seize Oro

    Aaah! I knew there was a connection. It’s a plot to get all the gold!

    Seize them. Seize them all.

  22. Syckls says

    Queue the hordes of angry letters and forced newspaper withdrawals. I’m surprised his editor let that one through.

  23. Rey Fox says

    #21: It was George that said “It’s all in the mind, you know.”

  24. says

    “Queue the hordes of angry letters and forced newspaper withdrawals. I’m surprised his editor let that one through.
    Posted by: Syckls”

    It is not uncommon for Bizarro cartoons dealing with the absurdities of religion to be reworded or replaced by a rerun in newspapers for conservative markets.

  25. boomer says

    “Is it just me, or does it look like that Seazoria guy had a third grader render his sketches?”


    Not to mention spelling and grammar worthy of a third grader.

  26. Colwyn Abernathy says

    Yes, Lord. Actually, it is. You should laugh, as we have a sense of humour, and assuming you designed us, must have one as well.

    Science: It works, bitches. ;)

  27. Ichthyic says

    re: Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons
    Here is a link that works…I…I have no words. David Marjanović, you must see this.


    It’s “Lair of the White Worm” all over again, I tells ya!

    Is Amanda Donahoe in any of the pictures?

  28. Mark says

    HAHA omg i love it!

    Just been watching that “jesus camp” film (

    and this couldnt have been a better item to stumble on to relieve my absolute hysterical frustration with the people on the film. (despite the fact the firing of the homosexual homo hater pastor who slept with a male prostitute and also the closing of the jesus camp which wasnt quite enough satisfaction ^_^)

    Good times

  29. Sven DiMilo says

    So what’s with this guy Pencil Drawings? No “In my opinion,” no “I don’t think,” just telling everybody else what’s not funny, period.
    I think you’re wrong, PD, it’s very funny. (That’s my opinion.) Know what? You are too. I’m laughing at you right now.

  30. says

    Check out pencil drawing‘s homepage. For someone who draws so poorly (he can’t even competently draw a face with a photo to copy from; check out the otherworldly eyes in his portraits) he seems awful sure of the superiority of his artistic judgements.

    Pencil Drawing, by saying you’re not “super religious” what do you mean?

    That you wouldn’t stone your children for backtalking you.

    That you wear clothing made up of more than one kind of fabric.

    That you believe that the bible is not the inspired, eternal, ineffable, unchanging & perfect word of god.

    That you cut your hair.

    That you don’t force women to spend their menstruating period in a seperate tent.

  31. Grant says

    I didn’t know about the inside joke items, I was certain that the cake was a lie.

  32. Blind Squirrel FCD says

    I used to threaten to move my wife into a menstrual tent but it had nothing to do with religion.

    Joke ladies, joke!

  33. rodolfo says

    Por favor, un poco de respeto hacia la Iglesia Catolica de todo el Mundo. Al igual que cualquier otra religion del Mundo, exigo respeto hacia nuestro padre Dios.

  34. El Diablo says

    La religión sólo merece la tolerancia, pero no el respeto. Dios es una mentira.

  35. says

    Ok… I can see Magic cards, but I don’t see a connection, unless Twilight Shepherd is meant to be a miraculous depiction of the Virgin Mary.

  36. RAM says

    “Queue the hordes of angry letters and forced newspaper withdrawals. I’m surprised his editor let that one through.”

    Religiuos people outraged about a cartoon? Thought that only happened in other countries……