1. says

    Couldn’t we just take the spines from aborted babies and perform a transplant?

    Or maybe gay marriage would result in couples being allowed to adopt children that have spines naturally…

    You’re right, PZ. This theory explains so much!

  2. says

    The american two-party system is a lot like astrology – it artificially divides everyone into 2 (or 12) groups, ignoring the infinite nuanced details of where each individual falls on the political spectrum. “red” or “blue” is so damn simplistic; it’s an artificial divide that is used to distract people from the real issue – namely that both “sides” of the “divide” are the same.

  3. Mike Fox says

    What they don’t show is that, in order to register disapproval, Satchel must fill out 47 pieces of paper which must be filed at more than a dozen agencies. If he dots even one “i” incorrectly then Bucky will use that against him in the next election as an example of his incompetence.

  4. says

    Oh, no. I’m sorry sir, but the form to register complaint by a dog is blue and it must be filed before the third week of the first month after the last full moon. I’m afraid you will have to que again and when I call your number I hope you will have the procedure correct.

  5. themadlolscientist says

    And I suppose the penalty for not complying with those regulations is 30 days in jail listening to Vogon poetry.

  6. says

    You can’t spend 30 days listening to vogon poetry. After a few hours you’ll have stuck pencils in your ears.

  7. says

    I showed that to my roommate, who’s a Democrat, and he laughed. It’s so true. I’ve been calling the Democrats in Congress a bunch of “spineless bastards” for years.

  8. Bubba Sixpack says

    The Democratic Congress is, indeed, spineless. Except when they take out their anger on those of us Dem constituents who do show spines.

  9. Ichthyic says

    The Democratic Congress is, indeed, spineless.

    I found it quite humorous that a recent Democratic Senate retiree (who was plugging a book on the Daily Show), admitted to having lost his spine after 9/11 himself, and said that much of congress did around that time as well.

    Hindsight is always 20/20, but seriously, I rather think the proportion of Congress that reacted poorly to 9/11 was perhaps even higher than the national average.

    It was quite illuminating hearing a congressperson admit this, and he wasn’t the first one recently to do so, either.

  10. Ichthyic says

    continuing the Hitchhiker’s analogy…

    I’ve often thought congress has been conditioned rather like what is shown outside the vogon administrative offices…

    every time someone has a coherent thought, a giant paddle springs up from the ground and slaps them in the face.

  11. JohnnieCanuck, FCD says

    Show how with it I am. I thought it was spines as in Echinoderms.

  12. William Gulvin says

    Spines for Democrats would be more like spines for Annelids. Of the Class Hirudinea, more specifically. Both the Demopublicans and Republicrats parasitize the same sources of money, so convergent evolution is to be expected . . . Then again, I’ve heard that the word “politics” itself tells the story: “poly” being Greek for “many” and “ticks” being blood sucking insects. Still no spines, however.