1. mdowe says

    Ok, I’ll be the first arse-kisser and compliment PZ on his speaking and lecture skills. After listening to his ‘There is no ghost your Brain’ lecture, I had a masochistic urge to go back to school for another graduate degree. Then I remembered how much I like the luxury of sleeping …

  2. zer0 says

    Oh man, I remember that poor student last semester you talked about. I hope you let more students blog this semester. That was a fun experiment.

  3. says

    congrats on the voice exposure.

    Here’s an idea for the atheist/religious zealotry part of your blog.

    [Link to AFP article]

    “The rocket blasted off after a countdown to cries of “Allahu Akbar!” (God is Greatest), from the space centre in a desert region in the northern Semnan province, state television showed.”

    I discussed this quote with a ninja friend of mine, and we agreed that such scientific achievement juxtaposed with Allah, or any God for that matter, is a most odd and uniquely human compulsion. I’m sure your readers would agree.

    God also favored Eli Manning.

  4. stephen murphy says

    Being possessed of an alternating flat and sharp eastern Ontario Canada accent, I would never cast aspersions on voice (today I am surprised I can even spell “aspersions”..)

    My comment is much like those regarding the radio show last week – I figured PZ’s voice would be this large “fill the room / peel the paint off walls / frighten small children” voice when it is in fact a nice soft professorial voice .. that still has a nice sharpness and terrific chuckle when provoked by “chuckle-headed” ideas as it was on the radio show (for clarity I mean the great debate last week not the current ‘cast PZ links to in this thread)

  5. says

    As one of the interviewers for the podcast, I thought PZ would be gruff and booming. He was surprisingly gentle and paternal. It was a strange juxtaposition.

  6. Sili says

    Awww … :pouts:

    And here I thought I’d get a prehensile tail by joining the Grand Atheist Conspiracy.

  7. chuck goecke says

    As someone who is relatively new to PZ’s blog(where’ve I been – are these internets’ things really going to take off?), this was a great, personalized bit of background. Thanks PZ