I disavow any association with this photo!

OK, so I was sent this picture, and I want to make it clear: this is not me giving a lecture.


Although, I must say that if you look closely, there is a distinct resemblance to Ken Miller…could he be a closet cephalopodophile?


  1. Anon says

    Some are born cephalopods,
    Some achieve cephalopoddity,
    Some have cephalapoddity thrust upon ’em.

  2. maxi says

    You know you’re famous when your homemade porn gets leaked onto the internet….

    Paris Hilton could learn a thing or two from you, methinks.

  3. says

    As the nephew of a Cephalovestite, this pictures brings back some sad memories.

    I can still remember the sight of his low-swinging tentacles, asking us what we “ink” of his new outfit…

  4. Jennifer says

    You know, there was that South Park episode where the Queer Eye guys were revealed to be Crab People…I detect a thickening plot…

  5. Dave Eaton says

    It can’t be a lecture. It’s Saturday.

    You (or Ken..really, it’s none of my business) look fabulous, though. Really. If I weren’t happily married, straight, square enough to be a little scared by transvestites, and content to confine my, ahem, explorations to others of my same species…well, I don’t know what would happen. But I’m fairly sure that there isn’t any religious tradition that wouldn’t consider it an abomination.

  6. flame821 says


    I’ve….I’ve seen that before. On a Chan.org site. I think a /b/tard made it.

    It is definitely NOT something I ever expected to creep out of the murky depths of 4chan or 7chan.

  7. Fun-die says

    As a devout Architeuthist, I’m deeply offended by this blasphemous portrayal of Our Holy Prophet and wish you all to rot in Spermwhale-belly forever !

  8. Dan says

    While it may slightly resemble Ken Miller, that is obviously Mark McGwire.

    I had no idea ‘roids may produce tentacles.