1. Brian Macker says

    Noticed that there were no locarian restrictions in this contest. Kind of hard to make a gingerbread house in cold climates where you can’t grow ginger.

    Those wacky ecologists. Makes one crack up almost as much as building a city on a boat, or even reject all the groups beliefs wholesale if your into that kind of fallacious thinking.

  2. maryanne says

    If it is advertised as “green gingerbread” it ought to be truly green, as in Kermit the Frog, “green as cats eyes, green as glass, by streams of water, green as grass….” to quote my favorite childhood Golden Book “The Color Kittens”. I recently heard they were going to put “green lights” on the GW Bridge, and thought, “that sounds pretty” then realized they just meant ecologically correct lights.

    After all, if we can have green gingerbread for St. Patrick’s Day, why not green gingerbread? The better to build a gingerbread Grinch as well.