Report from the Cephalopod Appreciation Society

Hey, somebody went to the Cephalopod Appreciation Society show in Seattle — and Tikistitch came back with pictures! I love the idea of suede squid draped decoratively about the house, but at $2500 each they are a little bit out of my price range.

She has also discovered a Japanese fashion doll with a pet Cthulhu. It sounds neat, but ewww. The Chtulhu figure is cute and cuddly, but the doll…that noseless face, the tiny mouth that can only be good for sucking up fluids, the huge insectoid eyes taking up half her face. <shudder> It would give me nightmares.


  1. Wim says

    It was a fine, if small, show, though I alas ended up leaving without having one of the “inky cocktails”.

  2. says

    Oh, so that’s what those drawings were all about! I thought the aesthetics were a little, er, dodgy, but I’m so ignorant of art, I took it for some kind of a punk statement.