Art and Microscopy

Here’s a cool idea: pick a color palette for your website by sampling photomicrographs. There are some nice color samples there; I think I’d go with something along the lines of a DIC image of a zebrafish embryo, which would have lots of blues, a few weakly saturated yellows, and an occasional flare of gold from the birefringence. Time for a site redesign! If I had any time, that is.


  1. octopussy says

    Yep – this place is a bit dingy and smells of elderberries – time to freshen it up!

    You need to change your photo, too.

    Use the one w/the naked mole rat – you don’t look so old in that one – more distinguished.

  2. Sven DiMilo says

    Yeah, but here’s what’s going to happen: people are going to start scanning all those horrid false-color scanning EM micropics in the textbooks and think they’re extracting “natural” colors that were just photoshopped in in the first place.
    I hate those things. Let me see the original beautiful grayscale image damnit!