1. Satcomguy says

    I have to admit at this point that when I first stumbled upon your blog one of the posts had to do with the FSM. I hadn’t heard of it yet, but that post (and others at the time) had me convinced that the acronym just had to stand for “Future Squid Masters!”

    Steve (proud wearer of The Scarlet A)

  2. B. Dewhirst says

    I’m sure you already have graduate students to fill your bowing needs. (How low, sir?)

  3. ne says

    PZ, you forgot to laugh maniacally. You know: “Mwa Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha!” We’re working of getting the lightining to flash aroung your Fortess Of Doom(tm) on cue with your laugh.

  4. says

    are the stars right already? damn. didn’t get to sacrifice that last good Christian baby, either… oh well. ia fgahn, i suppose.


  5. Mandolin says

    Clarkesworld is a primarily fiction magazine (although they’re adding non-fiction content), edited by Nick Mamatas and Sean Wallace. They publish two stories a month: one by an established writer (in this case Caitlyn Kiernan) and one by someone up and coming (here M. P. Ericson). They’re affiliated with the bookseller Clarkesworld Books, and because they publish a relatively small number of stories compared to other publishers, they’re known for picking extremely strong and unique short stories.

  6. JohnnieCanuck, FCD says

    “big octopus” comments the artist, forgetting to specify endo- or exoskeleton as the support mechanism for such a large body out of water. I’m going to have to go with some anti-gravity technology to explain this one. Either that or hot air, as in balloons.

  7. gsb says

    #13No, PZ, we will never bow to you or any scumbag atheist “leader”.

    Ah, yes, another loving Christian chimes in with his forgiving, tolerant, Christlike thought of the day.

    As mythological entities go, I’ll take the laser-equipped Space Octopus over the malevolent Sky Daddy, Destroyer of Worlds On A Whim, if for nothing more than the cool factor.