Oh, no! Now Tiny Frog is giving ammunition to the producers of Expelled by revealing The Stifling Dominance of Secular Academia! At least biologists aren’t being picked on in this case — it’s those biased secular theories of physics that are being blamed.


  1. leo says

    Intelligent Falling (IF) proposes that the scientific explanation of gravitational force cannot explain all aspects of the phenomenon, so credence should be given to the idea that things fall because a higher intelligence is moving them. Furthermore, IF asserts that theories explaining gravity are not internally consistent nor mathematically reconcilable with quantum mechanics, making gravity a “theory in crisis”. Pretended IF apologists advocate that IF should be taught in school along with the theory of gravity so that students can make “an informed decision” on the subject in accordance with demands to “teach the controversy”.

  2. says

    Uh, that’s a parody, right?

    If it’s not – simply “re-frame” it as one!!

    Ha, ha, ha, look at the funny blog entry! It sure sounds like a creationist dipmire! He did a great job of pretending to be a dumbstick, didn’t he?

  3. Firemancarl says

    Thank our lord and savior Jesus Christ who art in heaven. I am glad someone else on here understands that it is DIVINE force that holds things up and prevents them from falling. For instance, I can’t tell you how many times on the fireground I have walked next to a building that should collapse but I knew that God and Jesus kept the garvity off the wall to as to allow it to stay standing and not snuff me out. Yes, I know what you’re thinking “Hey, gravity works, how many times to do see things fall up”?!! The answer is simple, the things that fall up God and Jesus don’t allow you to see, just like angels, you don’t see them and we know they are in Heaven and how would they get there if there really was “gravity”? They couldn’t and you know it. It’s Gods will.

    the preceeding was all sarcasm…..

  4. J Myers says

    Yes, that’s a parody. I know that because, in addition to being obvious, it says it’s a parody a few paragraphs in. Was that a rhetorical question?

  5. tourettist says

    Slightly OT, but in case anybody’s interested, the IMDb page for Expelled is now up. Who wants to be the first to ask a question for the FAQ? General users used to be able to edit information but I think they put an end to that. Pity. It would be fun to vandalize. Check out the filming locations – they don’t mention Morris, MN.

  6. Murkanen says

    Intelligent Falling is a reference to an Onion article from some years back I believe. It’s sad that we are in such a time and place that something originating in satire risks becoming reality.

  7. Graculus says

    It’s sad that we are in such a time and place that something originating in satire risks becoming reality.

    You mean like:

    -“Bush: Our Long Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is Finally Over” (Onion, June 2001)
    -“Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock” (Onion, July 2005)

    The Onion staff have orders of magnitude more positive hits than Sylvia Brown.

  8. Julian says

    Admittedly, Im not an expert on the subject, but if energy and matter can neither really be created, nor really be destroyed, then how can entropy be general? What I mean is, loss of energy is really only the transfer of energy from one place to another, otherwise the law of conservation of energy and mass is violated; the universe doesn’t have a leak. So, if the universe is closed, then entropy cannot continue to dissipate to zero for the simple fact that the amount of space for energy to dissipate through is not infinite, and even if it were open, the energy will still be there, just spread incredibly thin. All life runs through the gathering of energy; in other words, life forms feed off of the entropy of some other object. Much of our technology is dedicated to the same goal; recycling another object’s chaos into order for us. If we ever find a way to manipulate the fundamental forces of the universe, isn’t it reasonable to assume we’d figure out how to gather up that dissipated energy? But then I guess you’d just be left with a 100% efficient energy scoop that spends all its time gathering up the energy its using, and thats not a very interesting universe at all.

  9. Julian says

    oops. I meant this for the reading material comments above this. And thus I am introduced to the dangers inherent in firefox’s mutlitab function.