Bony non-naked vertebrates on parade

Since I brought up the hype for this Diesel fashion show, Phil has revealed that you can now watch it on the web.

It’s some kind of holographic light show on a fashion runway. I don’t know what the point of all the skinny people wandering around in clothes might have been, though. It didn’t make me want to buy any clothes, but a battery of lasers is looking more and more attractive.


  1. Dinzer says

    Whenever I see fashion shows like that, I have to laugh because it reminds me of Zoolander.

  2. bernarda says

    You mean that you three fashion victims in the subsequent thread are not interested in clothes? Hard to believe.

    Actually this show, from plot to dialog, was more interesting than most movies I have seen recently–excluding pirate films of course.

  3. says

    Pretty cool, but does it have to be all the same color?

    Blue is my favorite color, but I wouldn’t want to see everything in blue.

  4. mojojojo says

    Huh! All I get from this is Sea Creatures = gorgeous and graceful, Fashionista Monkeys = ugly and awkward

  5. Brendan C says

    Now I now this is a cool Blog…John Huntington reads this Blog! I was going to mention that those aren’t lasers, but he got there first.